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pumpers in the chat room

mem, hobby,

I hit the chat link, and the enter chat button. I get a blank “Chat Window” page with applet reloading then loaded at the bottom left, then nothing. There is nothing about entering my user name and nothing about the server name. Just a blank chat window frame. It’s my stupid little iMac and I am too cheap to risk buyng the shareware. I have been able to access chat rooms on other web sites so my iMac isn’t totally lame.

If hobby’s link doesn’t work, try this one.

The username and password was for you mac client. The applet should just connect but it may take as much as 30 seconds to connect even after its all loaded so it might be worth opening it in a new tab and forgetting for a while.

There are a couple of other problems that might be fixable on the server side if that doesn’t work.

You did say you were like a dog with a bone mem. Remind me often, never to try to take it from you. I have Mirc, but I clicked your link just for the sheer hell of it, and saw life flashing past me.

If this doesn’t take you to chat gprent, it’s probably because you have overshot a little and landed on the moon.

PS mem’s very keen to have you.

In chat.

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A little creepy, but I like it.

Originally Posted by gprent101

Good to see you are jumping back in with both feet!

Did you have a nice trip? Did you do PE while you were away?

Not a single stroke.

And it was good to get away from the day to day stuff. No normal work and no PE talk. But it’s also good to be back. I feel renewed, if you know what I mean.



We’ll schedule soon a certified chat. Today’s was fun but sort of a surprise attack. I’ll get with Gprent and peforeal and some others and we’ll figure out a time. Hobby and Mem both pump. They are good at the tech stuff and will figure out ways to get us all in.




I don’t pump :) Maybe I’ll start sometime.

In terms of connection problems, they are best figured out ahead of time, so anyone wanting to join in with the experienced pumpers for a chat would be advised to check that they can get in ahead of time.

Sorry, I thought you did.

Well, you sound like a pumper; turned on and all that. Maybe we can convert you.

Pumping Fans: Now he’s going to ask what a pumper sounds like. Be ready.



>Maybe we can convert you.

Aren’t you born a pumper? I don’t know, I tried pumping once as a teenager and it just didn’t seem right.

Originally Posted by memento
>Maybe we can convert you.

Aren’t you born a pumper? I don’t know, I tried pumping once as a teenager and it just didn’t seem right.

Pumpers are made, not born. When you were a teenager did it feel not right intellectually or physically? I can see how the idea of sticking your cock into a plastic tube could seem strange.

Don’t worry folks. Mem and I talk this way all the time.



I’d say intellectually, physically it was fine. Maybe it has to do with my church, they were definately pumpophobic.

If you are still actively involved in your church (and from your avatar I suspect you may not be) then you can only choose between it and pumping.

Maybe give it a go. Try it until you need glasses; something like that.



So pumping drove you to drink? Thats so sad, I hope you are recovered now.

Working with you and its constant word association drove me to drink.



I very rarely use the word “association”.

It seems unfair to blame your problems on others.


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