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Pumped for the first time last night...

Pumped for the first time last night...

…and I have some questions. First off, I have an LA Pump (the one with the red handles) and a 2” cylinder. Used baby oil for lubricant and it seemed to work well.

1. How much force should I be feeling? I’m following the routine in the Pumpers 101 thread so I went one session for ten minutes. I pumped it up to 5hg and while I saw some pretty serious engorgement (beyond normal), it didn’t really FEEL like much was going on. I’ve done clamping and I feel WAY more pressure when I clamp. Now I know these are two different things (clamping and pumping) but I thought the idea was the same, to do PE from within by using the blood. I resisted the temptation to go above 5hg but honestly I felt like I could handle more. I’m not going after pain, but I thought I’d feel that intense erection pressure similar to when I clamp. I’ve also heard that things happen at the cellular level when pumping so perhaps I’m doing it exactly as I should be. I will stay with the routine either way for now though, and not go above 5hg. Also, there was no post-workout soreness afterward like there is when I do a serious jelq or clamp session, again leading me to believe that I have a tough dick and can handle a bit more.

2. Packing - OK, I have good girth now (5 1/2) and I was packing the first couple of inches of the cylinder, but out of curiousity I got up and looked in the mirror and I saw that I’m not packing it all the way around. My dick was sort of pressed to the top of the tube giving a packed appearance when looking down at it but in the mirror, I still had some room on the bottom. Is that normal? When guys use the term “packing”, are they saying that they’re packing the tube all the way around? If so, wow.

3. Staying erect - I had a nice porn in the VCR and I felt like I was erect, and I certainly LOOKED fully erect for the whole ten minutes but when I hit the pressure release button, all the blood left and I went “instantly flaccid”. I was much more plump and well beyond my normal flaccid but still, not erect. Again, I was looking pretty huge in the pump the whole time, right up until I hit the release. I don’t see how you can stay fully engorged for ten minutes with no direct stimulation. When you vets release the air and come out of the tube, you’re still fully erect? Your dick doesn’t retreat a little?

An extra note - I have a curve to the left, and I seemed to straighten out a little in the tube. It was a beautiful sight to see my dick straight (or at least straighter) even if it was just for a few moments. I’ll post that in my curve thread in the main member forum but I just thought I’d mention it.

"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan


Sounds to me like everything that’s happening for you is the way it’s supposed to be. Avoid for now the temptation to go to higher pressure. You need to be conditioned more for that.

If you look erect in the tube at 5 HG, you are erect. It is common to revert to “fat” flaccid when you release the pressure. The longer in months you have been pumping, the longer that post-pump engorgement will last for you.

I’ve talked with a number of guys with curves that were not dramatic. Most of them managed to straighten themselves out well through regular pumping but this takes a lot of time so be prepared for the long-haul.

Good to have another pumper among us. Keep us posted about how it’s going for you.




Avo knows his stuff. Definitely follow his advice. You can up the pressure over time as you adjust. One thing about pumping as opposed to other forms of PE is that injuries tend to sneak up on you out of the blue and show up more as a cumulative rather sudden effect.

Packing as I see and have experienced it is filling the tube all around girthwise from base to glans (I’ve never been able to pack my glans). It’s really neat when you first do it. When you come out of a 2” tube after a good pack, your tally will have a dimension that will exceed any size that you’ve ever achieved by any other PE. Trust me on that one. It’s like you have a damn log between your legs. Some around here — I think Supersizeit is one — have packed their tube both length and girthwise — but I have yet to experience that dimension, so to speak, and with a 10” tube it won’t be happening anytime soon.

I’m a clamper also. The two have different feels and can’t be really compared. They are complementary and I typically include 1-2 clamp sets with my pump sessions.

As for being erect in the tube as opposed as opposed to having more of a pumped erection, there is a difference though you can’t just tell by visual inspection. One way is to kegel. Your tally will feel it more if you have good wood. Another way to tell is if you’ve been sitting there sort of half watching some porn, half-reading the paper and a really hot scene appears on the the screen that is arousing. You won’t see any in the difference in the tube, but you will feel a little tingle in your tally, which I think is a sign that blood is being pumped into the chambers, giving you a fresh and fuller erection. Regardless, expecting to maintain a full bore erection throughout your session is not feasible.

Welcome to the board, good luck with your pumping and your curve.


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