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Pump Toys GX-Pro

Pump Toys GX-Pro

I am curious if anyone here has purchased a GX-Pro glans expanding cylinder from Pumptoys, and if so, what your experience with it has been, and your opinion of it .

Also, they now offer cylinders with an ” E-Z Angle Entry ” opening, designed to reduce having your sack sucked into the tube, which looks like a good design, anyone used one ?

I own three Pump Toy cylinders, and love them, love the VelSeal gaskets .

I haven’t no. Just using the bathmate. However the pumps/cylinders look interesting. Thanks :)

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

Nobody , huh ?

Well, how about this, all of the people that viewed this thread kick in ten bucks, and I will purchase one with the money, and report back on my experience ?

Hmmmm ?

The only way I see that as being different from straight cylinder pumping is if you plan to pack the shaft area of the cylinder and then continue to have your head expand in the head expansion area.

The problem I see though is in a normal straight cylinder, most guys do pack the shaft first and then with all of the vacuum focused on the head, blisters can develop.

Perhaps the GX cylinder would be best suited for guys with a head girth naturally larger then the shaft girth. If that is the case then perhaps it is worth it, but if not, it is too expensive for doing the same job as a normal straight cylinder.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I’m also way interested in the GX-Pro, w/angle, looks incredible to me, I’m guessing supremely comfortable. I do have 1 Velseal cylinder, and I must say it is the most comfortable one I own. I’ve hated having the upper surface of the glans all squashed against the inside of the cylinder too. I’ve often thought of putting a slight curve in the cylinder to help with this (maybe using heat and some type of mandrel to maintain roundness). Years ago there was a cheap cylinder on the market that was phallus shaped, curve and all, but too thin and brittle to be of any use, and anyway too small. This thing IS a GORGEOUS piece of design work, but like many, I’m afraid it will take me too long to save that many pennies. (About $200, and that’s if you don’t need the XL model). Anyone think we might prevail on the company to give us a group discount? (I don’t think anyone else distributes for Pump Toys, either.) Oh well, I’m kinda beginning to think that with a head any bigger it would be difficult to get a decent BJ anyhow. But that’s a different discussion.

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