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Pump too large

Pump too large

I was reading the thread on cylinder size and see that my pump is probaly to wide for me. I have gained a small amound of girth over time with no real routine. I am intrested in gaining lenth mainly for now. The tube I have is 2 .5” wide. Also this tube has no gauge on it , I just pump untill I feel pressure.

Any advise on a better cylinder for lenth gains or pressure with no gauge?

I am currently 5.5 bp x 5

Thanks 5x5 guy

You probably need a 2” cylinder. Anything bigger might suck other bits in.

This one does not suck other parts in, So will this work the same as any other with lenth or does it even matter?

If you are serious about it, you need a good quality pump and the right size for you. Read the threads, and look at this table for selecting the right size.:

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

If you are in the US, get the harbor freight pump. This is the same pump sold by Lapdist and others as a penis pump.

It has a gauge, it is high quality, it is inexpensive. It sounds like you have all the necessary connectors and tubing already. Here it is. If you can go to your local store. If you need to mail order, do it by phone as the standard shipping offered on the web takes 7 to 14 days.…temnumber=92474

I learned about this pump in this thread:

Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

As to cylinders I have a bostonpump standard design cylinder, which was around $55.00…WPROD&ProdID=12

If you order from them, be aware that they are somewhat slow to ship. However the cylinder is excellent.

I also have a Jim Diamond cylinder I purchased from picturebrite for around $30.00. I have the one with this description:

P124 - Jim Diamond 2 inch cylinder

Some on thunders have complained about the Jim Diamond cylinder not holding a seal, but mine is fine.

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