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Pump senso sleeve to use or not to use

Pump senso sleeve to use or not to use

Hello everyone

New to pumping here but so far so good I love how pumping feels and trying to follow all the instructions placed on here

I am what I consider to be on the small side (slightly under 5)

I’m happy to report that already in a very short time of a few weeks I can honestly tell I am much thicker just by how it feels in my hand and also looks

NO I have not ever measured it to be honest because I always felt cheated in the package dept. :-(

So here is my question..

I didn’t buy the most expensive pump but to start think what I have is ok

It came with a senso sleeve..

What I want to know is will I make better gains with or without the sleeve or will it matter either way? I have not noticed it being mentioned anywhere or maybe I just over looked it

I’m not looking to be john holmes just a bigger me.

Thank you for any insight & help

I have never heard of a senso sleeve. A lot of guys here have done condom pumping. Do you think your senso sleeve is similar to that?

Originally Posted by gprent
I have never heard of a senso sleeve. A lot of guys here have done condom pumping. Do you think your senso sleeve is similar to that?

I suspect that what Woodseeker has is this, or similar to this:

Pistol Pump With Senso-Sleeve at

If so, I’m guessing that it would be similar to condom pumping in principle, in that you have a stretchy sleeve inside the tube providing counterpressure while you are under vacuum. I don’t think that it will impede your pumping progress, Woodseeker. Just be careful if your pump does not have a gauge, and consider picking up something like the Harbor Freight pump when you have the chance.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Yes the pump I have is such like the pistol has a sleeve such like a condom and then it has another donut like thing that fits inside but is open to the tube..

Just as info. When I use the sleeve I feel that the girth tends to swell larger and feel this is where I have gained some thickness. The other seem to provide more of a pull for length

It don’t have a gage but after reading many of the post I do understand the need for control and not trying to go to far to fast. But I would like to have a gage just to see where I am at in the process

One problem I have found is that the pump will have a loss of vacuum just at the point where I feel I could go just alittle bit more. I guess maybe this is due to the fact I do have something that is considered to be more a toy than the real thing..

I am pumping 5 days per week and find that on the weekend I miss it and can’t wait till Mondays

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