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pump ???'s

pump ???'s

is it possible to add a vac guage to a ball pump type without one?

if not… does any one know how much you’re supposed to pump to get the rightamount of vac?

is it possible to buy a new tube and just swap over the pump and line or vice versa?


The ball type pumps don’t seem to work as well to me, So I converted mine using what is called a mighty vac.

I know that this might sound a little crazy at first but it works just as good as those expensive pumps sold on the market. The mighty vac is sold in the automotive in most department stores like walmart, Kmart, etc not to mention your local automotive store. This vac has a pressure gage and release valve built in to it.

the actual use for this pump is to bleed the brakes on a automobile. Keep the preasure around 15 to 20 psi.

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yeah. that’s sort of where i was going with this. i was wondering if i could buy a certain pump and then attach the bleeder gun to it. thanks.

Umm… before you go and apply 15-20 psi to yourself, make sure that you understand that 15psi is ~20 inHg… for 5inHg, you should be using about 2.5psi…

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