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Pump Recommendations

Pump Recommendations

Hi Guys,

I want to start experimenting with pumping but don’t know what size cylinder or type of pump to get. My stats are as follows.EL close to 7 inches and EG between 5.1 and 5.5. Please let me know what will best suit me.


Long Term Goal

The perfect 8x6 cock aka the pussy destroyer (one day).

I just looked at the chart for width and it says 4 3/4 get a 1 1/2 size cylinder and for 5 1/2 width get a 1 3/4” cylinder. I’m over the 4 inch mark but under 5 1/2. Which one should I get?

I think you scanned the chart a little too fast. If you analyzed it closely I think you would find a 9”X2” cylinder is the right one for you. I am assuming your girth down near the base is over 5.25”.

It’s a bit early where I am right now. You are saying I should get a 9 inch length and 2 inch girth cylinder? Isnt that to big for me?

Please take an accurate girth measurement down near the base and I will let you know for sure.

When you need a tape measure or ruler in my house you can’t find one. I emailed the guys at lapdis to get there input and they said the following.

If you are truly less than 5.5 then get a 13/4”. This cylinder will give you better length than if you jump to a 2”. You may fill the 1. ¾ “ Faster, but you will

Continue to use it for length even when you graduate to a 2”. You are likely to need a 2” within 30days. It is really important to be well supported in you cylinder to help you enlargement look natural.

I guess gprent was right to get a 9x2

What do you mean you guess? :D

At least lapdist confirmed my suspicions. Their size charts are based on them selling you two cylinders rather then one.

I will go for the 9x2 pump. Base on there recommendation, they said I should get the 2” within a month. They just want to make a quick buck to buy the small one then a bigger size a month later. I don’t have that much money to spend.

What if they are telling the truth? (even though that’s pure marketing, I know) I haven’t had that much of length gains with my 1.75 cylinder, and I’ve always asked myself if that could change with a smaller cylinder.

Well, guess I’ll have to wait until I pack this cylinder, because, as Dickstruction just said, I have no money to spent on another one! :D

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