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Pump Recommendation for Newbie?

Pump Recommendation for Newbie?

I read some place in a thread earlier about a hand pump you can buy at an auto parts store for less. Can someone tell me the name of it and what other stuff I’d have to buy?

I am 6 3/8” Erect BP and 5 1/8” girth

About how much will the different parts cost and where should I buy them?



Do you mean the mightyvac? A lot of people seem to go to pumptoys for tubes.

Pump Info.


It’s called the Mityvac pump and it can be found at Auto Zone or Orielly’s auto parts stores and maybe other automotive parts stores as well.

It’s a plastic vacuum hand pump with attached qauge and varies from $25 to $30 or so where I live.

The pump at the automotive stores comes with the air tubing, so all you’ll need beyond this pump is a cylinder and maybe a quick-release male air fitting (depending on what type of cylinder you buy).


Thanks for the Info Lizardman.

Are you saying that some of the cylinders have the quick release fitting?

What size cylinder should I get?

Do you have any recommendations as to where to buy the cylinders?

I heard something about a hydro type.. What is that and where do you get it. Also, where would I find info about it?

Thanks in advance




Yes several of the better quality cylinders have quick-release fittings at the top so you can pump up then release the tube/pump and maintain the vacuum level.

There are tons of places to buy cylinders, but some of the ones I see mentioned most here are Boston Pumpworks, LA Pumpworks, NW Pumpworks, VacuTech, Newart etc.

I’m not sure about the hydro pumps, maybe someone else can answer that question and/or give you some more resources for quality cylinders that have quick-release valves etc.

Just do a search with Google (or your favorite search engine) using those names and you should be able to find the respective website for the cylinders.


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