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Pump question

Pump question

I have a quick question for the pumpers, my e.g. Is 5” but I can clamp up to an average of 5.75”, hitting six every once in a while. I am planning on buying a pump to supplement my workout and have read in the pumpers forum to get a tube that is 1/4” larger than your e.g. Based on what I can get clamping should I get a 2 or 2.25” pump? Any recommendations are welcome.

P.S. Thanks to ThunderSS and everyone else who makes the forum possible.


No bigger than a 2”. I was the same size as you and just barely began to pack my 1.75” tube and moved to a 2” and still dont pack it after many months. I pack about the bottom third thats all right now.

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I agree with 789. 2” only. 2.25 will be too big. I pump up to over 6.25” girth everyday, and my 2” tube is still plenty big.

I don’t mean to derail, but how do you know when you need to get a bigger tube size?

Originally Posted by Skoal_Mint
I don’t mean to derail, but how do you know when you need to get a bigger tube size?

You should consider getting the next size tube when you begin to consistently fully pack your current tube. Fully packed means that your entire shaft, for 360 degrees around, is touching the inside wall of the cylinder. Just having a small portion touching or one side touching or only the base area touching the inside wall is not fully packed.

I started PE with a six inch girth and a two inch tube is plenty big enough.I currently pack it about half way and I’ve been using it about three months.So definitely no bigger than two inch tube to start.

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