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Pump mesurements

Pump mesurements

Im over weight and have been for most of my life. Ive recently lost quite a bit and am still losing. Im curently at 345 at 6 ft tall 23yrs old. In high school i was about 275 as a freshman ended up around 300 by 12th. Then I still had some fat but played sports and so on. When erect I mesured around 4in NBP. But it seemed I had more but It was covered by fat. well now When erect it only stick out a couple of inches. Im sure as i losse more and more weight more will be visible. What I wondering is when i put it in a pump and mark how far it gose in it mesures around 6.5 in. dose this mean once the fat is gone Ill have between 6 to 6.5 BPEL. Or dose a pump pull into the body.

The cylinder will press against your pubic bone, displacing fat deposits there while you pump.

Likely you will end up after dieting, [having lost a lot of excess weight (keep on that)], with something near what you are seeing, pumped, in the cylinder. With some well-chosen PE excercises added to your pumping routine, you can probably expect more gain in the future.

Good luck and let us know.

Lay off the calories. You are way overweight. If your dick gets larger as your body mass gets smaller, this might be a fun encouragement to you.



Thanks for the reply. I plan on keeping with my the diet until I get a normal bf% I’ve been on it since the first of the year and have lost just over a hundred lbs. I was afraid of lose skin but it seems to be tighting back as I lose the weight. As far a PE goes I dont pump regularly. It was the first time iv used it in about 3yrs. My main question to you and others who have used a pump is if you pump to a full erection and mark the place on the cylinder where the penis ends is it the same as your BPEL If not how much of a difference is there. I apreciate any info. One last question is hanging the only way to increase length.

You are doing a terrific job of losing weight. Pat yourself on the back for that!

I do what Thunder also does: I don’t pump up from flaccid, I go into the tube fully erect, which is my BPEL size. I suspect that doing this results in less lymph fluid involvement and more pure blood involvement. The lymph addition may be fun to have post-PE but I doubt it is of much help in adding gain. But I don’t know that for sure.

After having pumped up, already erect, I can add anywhere from 1/4th to 1/2 inch in length under fairly moderate pressure. This is always a “teaser” to me as I see this as future potential to be cemented in. So far that has been the case, over time. But I am beginning to wonder if I haven’t maxxed out at this; very long plateau. Do we max out?? But even if that is so, it is no major crisis for me having got so close to my mental goal for PE, and I’m far more interested at this point in flaccid gains than erect ones anyway.

I say take any increase you see in the tube as a possibility for you in the future, non-pumped/normal erection. Keep that mental image focused in your head. So much of this is as mental as it is physical, imo.

Hope this helps.



What types of gains have you made. Is it possible to add length from a pump alone. If so what would be a good program to use. Also do you experince your sac pulling into the tube. Is this ok. Say There was aprox. 6 in in the tube on the under side theres about 2-3 inches of sack skin gets pulled in but on top it presses all way to the base. Thanks a lot for the help.


2.3 inches in length; 1.2 inch in girth. Gained at least 1 inch from pumping alone in the first 4 mos. then changed my program to moderate pumping and jelking. My basic routine is posted in the Pumping 101 thread in this forum.

Balls sucked into the tube: This happened fairly frequently to me in the beginning but stopped after I shaved my balls. You might try that. Could be, too, that your cylinder is just a little too large for your current measurements.

My thinking now is that shorter pump sessions at moderate vacuum give better gains than the opposite.



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