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Pump hose end diameter



Yes, I remember when I asked him the same question about the outside of the shipping package. He said it was very discrete and it would not have any indication referring to pumping or Mityvac or Pumptoys. That’s what I remember. This is a sensitive issue and they are aware that many guys don’t want their families or neighbors or mailman to know about its contents. I don’t remember the package, but I am sure it was as I said above.

Remember, they have a phone number and I think it is toll free.



I’m glad you already got the cylinder. That’s the “bad” part.



Pump Hose End Diameter

Originally Posted by westla90069
The professional cylinders have a hole drilled in the end and the quick disconnect fitting screws right in. The small diameter tubing accepts the insert. This makes it easy to store the components yet put them together without a hassle.

* EDIT - this link doesn’t take you to the correct page. Here is the catalog main page. Click on the “Tubing” link at the top of the page. Then click on the “Tube Fittings” image. Then click on the “Quick Disconnect Couplings” image to see the correct page.

Thanks West LA for the US Plastic website. Their prices are very low compared to the pump manufacturer’s offerings.

There are many style and dimension choices listed there for male and female quick disconnect fittings, tubing, etc.

I have four quality cylinders which have standardized fittings so my pumps can be interchanged between the different cylinder manufacturers. I need to add/replace some male and female fittings with these so-called standard parts. Unfortunately, none of my parts have identification on them.

I think the female fitting has a check-valve in it, allowing one way airflow. Airflow must go from the threaded end through the body and exits on the Quick Disconnect end, allowing for vacuum in the tube. The male fitting does not have a valve, but has a barbed connection. I could only guess at the correct part numbers because I don’t know the “standard” correct dimensions.

I searched this forum for ordering details of these parts and found none. All that said, will somebody please list here the “standard” specific US Plastic PART NUMBERS for the MALE and FEMALE fittings and also the LA Pumps hand pump-to-cylinder CLEAR TUBING?

Regards, Roctober


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