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Pump gauge problem

Pump gauge problem

I recently bought a new pump, but for some reason the hand or arrow of the gauge face doesn’t ever go back to zero. Basically when I release the pressure, the hand goes down to 3hg. When I start to pump, it’s already at 3hg. I’ve attached a photo in case I’v explained this badly, so you can see exactly what I mean.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


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This has been reported several times and what I think most guys do is take that needle position to be zero and go from there. So if you want to pump up to say 4”hg, your needle would be pointing to 7.5”hg.

There is one other possible remedy. It is possible to pop the clear plastic cover off and then physically manipulate the needle to see if it can be coaxed to zero. Just be gentle if you try this, because I don’t want you to break anything.

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Thanks gprent. The pump itself as actually a disappointment. I bought it to replace a broken Kaplan and was expecting it to be an upgrade, but whilst it’s built of much stronger material, the pump itself is weaker.

I once tweaked a misaligned pressure gauge by applying a vacuum to it which essentially did the same thing as breaking it open and manually and pushing the needle.

Of course, with a vacuum gauge you would have to pump air into it to get the same result.

No guarantees, but it might work. :)

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