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pump damage

pump damage

In the past, I have bought many pumps of different quality and sizes either for me or my friends and I would like to share the following trend or observation and see if anyone else has also experienced this:

After a few months of use…the clear tubing material begins to lose some of its tensile strenghth and further pumping only causes it to warp inwards as if it were a soda can being crushed….jeezzzzzz…am I pumping at extremely high pressure or is this a common phenomena that is a like a sad commentary on the quality of most pumps.

In some pumps I have also observed the rim of the tubing begin to sort of melt but I understand that this may because some lubricants can damage the plastic over time…since then I have begun using olive oil and I have had no problems with that.

Any other observations or input would of course be appreciated.

I only have experience with my el cheapo homemade aquarium siphon tube, but it doesn’t bow in at all. You are referring to the tube itself, not the flexible vacuum tubing that attaches to a pump?

Strange. How long did it take them to soften/melt? Months, years? What were you using for lube? Did you wash them out with detergent after each use?

Yes, Im reffering to the tube itself and it would normaly take only a matter of months.

As far as lubricants …I believe (correct me if Im wrong) you are not supposed to use a petroluem based lubricant because it decomposes the plastic and that could be the reason for the melt…since using olive oil…I havent had that problem.

I only wash the tube out with water/ mild liquid soap (every 2 or 3 uses) as opposed to any harsh detergents…sometimes I begin to suspect that the manufactuers purposely design the tensile strenth of the tube so that it bows in after some use and you want to go out and buy another one.

The clear tubing required for the chamber can be brought .It is called Poly-carbonate and comes in lengths about two metres long and diameters 25mm up to 200mm [1”—8”].If you find a supplier they will cut a length to your requirements.I recently purchased a 75”[3”] dia and 300mm [12”]long which cost $20 [Aust] Most plumbing suppliers sell pvc caps used to block of the end of pipes [$2] .If they are slightly to small as in my case hold it over a hot electric stove till it softens then push on one end. I didn”t even need to seal it .Drill a hole in the cap

make sure the hole is a lot smaller than hose ,Heat plastic hose in hot water and insert in end cap and use sealer if needed..I also heated the open end [the part that presses against your body ]and flattened it so I dont have that sharp edge cutting in to my pub-bone and dont need any rubber sealer

cool remedy

Thanks MYEIGHT for that excellent suggestion and set of instructions.

It will save me considerable money on the cost of buying another pump… now and in the future.

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