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Pump cylinder bite cure

Pump cylinder bite cure

I use a couple of different tubes. My favorite is my Boston Pump 2” heavy walled cylinder. The problem I had with it was without a seal it bit pretty hard after awhile.

So my first fix was to buy a universal silicone donut seal like you find at about any adult novelty store. It worked great in the beginning, nice cushion and great seal. It eliminated the bite. But as I started to grow into the the cylinder it started to really constrict the base of my cock a little more then I would like. Because I started pumping to help with a lack of sensitivity, which I helped dramatically I didn’t want to start cutting off circulation, thus bringing back the possibility of the original ailment.

I could not find anyplace to get a different seal. All the seals I could find were either the one I already had or like the STJ seals which are obviously way to big for a 2” cylinder. I looked at the Vel-seal replacement seals, but they are designed for there flange type tubes. My cylinder is heavy straight walled.

So I finally came up with the idea of taking my existing silicone donut and placing it entirely on the outside of the entrance to the cylinder. You need to let it hang about a 1/8” to 1/4” beyond the entrance.

It seals perfectly (I thought that would be a problem) and has that nice cushion feel without the bite and without restricting any kind of circulation.

I hope this helps some of you hardcore pumpers out there.

Amen on the bite!

Glad you started this thread derschutzhund! I’ve been doing something with my pumping sessions lately which I wondered if I should share in case someone else could find it useful.

I use a Boston pump 2.25 contoured cylinder which I thought would help and maybe it does but it can still pinch like the ! I was a bit disappointed when I realized this especially since none of the seals are meant to work with a contoured cylinder and I didn’t want to spend more money on another cylinder.

So I headed to my PE stash looking for a solution. (Stick with me I’ll get to the point)

Years ago my first introduction to PE was being conned into buying an extender only to realize that they were uncomfortable in every way. I tried to stick with it as much as I could and this led to extensive tinkering seeking wearable comfort as I’m sure many have.

One thing I did that really worked the best was cutting pieces of a fleshlight sleeve to use as padding around the shaft and between me and the base of the extender. What I did for the base was I cut a ~1/2in ring from the wide business end of the fleshlight and then placed that on the base of my unit before putting my extender on. Worked pretty good too. Ya I know a fleshlight sleeve isn’t a cheap thing to be cutting up but it was a regular version and I had already bought a tighter one to replace it.

So I pulled out my fleshlight donut thing (it’s about 3 1/2in across) slapped it on, grabbed my pump and it was perfect. The material as we know is very soft and flexible so there’s no constriction of circulation. I push the cylinder firmly against it, pump up to about 5in Hg and what happens is the is the donut is actually sucked into the cylinder a bit creating a seal around your shaft without your cylinder pushing into your groin at all. I can keep a really good seal at 3in Hg and actually jelq the the cylinder from the base to the glans while kegeling in more . Thus I keep good circulation and trap in more until it feels like I’m pumping at 10in Hg but I’m still at 3in Hg. Well the vacuum does increase about one inch Hg per inch I pull it up which makes sense but when you let it return to the base your back at the original reading.

Not really sure as to any drastic benefits verses anything else but I like it and thought I could share.

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