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Pump Cracked.. But How?

Pump Cracked.. But How?

Damn it! My homemade pump cracked! I woke up today and a small (but noticeable) crack yesterday, became almost 6” long and extremely curved! >_< The thing was nearly flawless too. It was only missing another touch up to the base for extra comfort. I’m semi-bummed out now. It took me a good while to flange the thing to close to perfection (so comfy the plastic pushing against the skin came damn close to not bothering me), so I feel a bit drained starting over again. I sure would like to know how the thing cracked in the first place. It’s a mystery to me.

I did knock it during the flange process once, but I didn’t notice anything after and I surely didn’t think I hit it hard enough to cause a crack.. and now that I think of it, you know what, I’m beginning to think the remaining discomfort was primarily from the crack. The pump wall is thicker (about a 1/4”) than all of my purchased pumps, so I’m skeptical that my dick alone is the culprit (but I think the pumping contributed to making the crack longer once my base packed). Anybody here had their pump crack before? What was the cause? I don’t think I want to restart if this plastic is the problem.

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Do you mean the cylinder cracked. It’s hard to imagine a pump that would crack. Now if it was that Mity-Vac plastic piece of junk. Sure—it didn’t crack—it just broke. The design is not at all good. Metal pump good—plastic bad. Really-just kidding. I’m almost positive that you mean the cylinder. It’s your body, you only get one chance with it, buy a LADist cylinder. Steve

Whoops. Sorry about that, I did mean cylinder. I forget you have to clearly single out the item when something breaks and not the whole. Anywho, I think I did crack the base of the cylinder when I made the flange, so I bit the bullet and invested more time in making a sealed cylinder. I didn’t want to risk the possibility of getting another crack, so I strengthened the base interior/exterior with a layer of glue. Success! Now it’s perfect. No pain. No expensive parts. This entire project cost me under $40, so it was still worthwhile grabbing another cylinder.

I got mine from a plastic supply store by the way, 12 inches for 5 bucks.

Originally Posted by Plasticman
I got mine from a plastic supply store by the way, 12 inches for 5 bucks.

I think you figured it out the problem. ;)

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Nah, I don’t think that was completely it. I was making a flange with a can opener and I hit the base of the cyl pretty good with the bulb like metal end. When I was packing the cylinder pre-flange I experienced only discomfort, no breaks.

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