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I have used silicone on various clamps for 3-5 years now without any problems, but I always use silicone that is rated food safe. Since it is going to be touching the valuables for unknown amounts of time, better to play it safe. I am planning to get back to serious PE after the holidays. I have always incorporated pumping with jelqs and stretches so clamping while pumped sounds like it may be pretty effective. Thanks for the info Sparkyx.

It is very effective at producing expansive forces uniformly along the entire penis, especially if you clamp behind the balls.

The one word of caution that I will repeat is that it will generate more force than clamping or pumping alone. Therefore, take that into account and start with short sets or set, with low vacuum ( I don’t recommend more that 3 in hg, the clamp multiples the effect).

Start with a short set, and slowly increase if needed. Morning and nite time wood is a very accurate indicator of whether you are doing to much, just right or too little.

Also, I believe it is excellent to measure in tube, with a full erection, when you FIRST start your routine EACH time! If you see shrinkage, it is a excellent indicator of having used too much force, and you aren’t recovered.

If you see that, chances are you are also experiencing decreased nite and morning wood. Stop for a couple days until morning and nite wood returns or normal length returns.

When you begin again, reduce the force you were using, and monitor your response.

The last effective vacuum force you used while still making progress is probably the best one for you, continue to use that until gains stop.

At that point, add 1 in hg and see how you respond.

Let us know how you do!



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