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Pump by feel and without gauge

Pump by feel and without gauge

My LAP gauge is busted. I’m too cheap to buy a new hand pump just for the gauge. So I’m going by what feels right. If I feel pain while in the tube, I back off on the pressure and stay with what’s comfortable. So far it’s working well and I’m not getting any donut or skin distortion.

Your local mityvac distributor (pro-level tool store) will have a replacement gauge.

Going by “feel” is inherently dangerous. What if, for example, you decide to pump after a gym workout when endorphins are high, and you pain threshold is greatly increased.

Remember: you may be too cheap to buy a new gauge, but good luck finding the money to buy a new penis. :D


Have a look here: Enter 3935K11 in the ‘Search’ field. This PN is for the most cheap pressure gauge at $8.36.

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