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Pump Arrived but...


Tossed Salad:
I’m also in Australia and I too purchased a cheap nasty cylinder from an aussie ‘sex store’ once, it was a terrible idea, I got the wrong size and it sucked my balls in, the fittings were cheap and no gauge, awful idea.

I ended up buying this:….A100030SIZELUBE
It’s not cheap but at 3 years old it still works fine and it’s high quality stuff.
A guage is very important and a thick, quality wall is VERY important.

If you repair the one you have and the pressure gets too much it could implode in to your dick (no, I’m not kidding) I’ve heard rumours here several times but never seen a pic of the results.
It’s not cheap but it’s quality and it lasts.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Part 2:

I also hear the brand “mityvac” mentioned as what’s good for penis pumping and readily available in US auto parts stores:

So for example take a look at this VacuTech penis pump:

Deluxe Solo Pump — $75.00


MityVac MV7000 Automotive Tune-up and Brake Bleeding Kit $38.25

Are the guages the same though?
My guage is designed specifically for PE newbies, there’s a green line about 2 HG and a red line at 5 or 6 HG to show people not to go over the red line.
I guess it’s not that important but it could be important for some.

All the reputable USA and European PUMP/Cylinder makers deliver to Australia. They all know where we are

These days of globalism. 1st Class Mail lands a package at your door for around $28 AUS and takes an average

Of 8 days. Vacutech and Veltech are two good ones.


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