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Pump and cylinder in check-in bagage


Pump and cylinder in check-in bagage

I started pumping from two weeks and loving it. I’m travelling abroad next week. I wonder if it’d be ok to check in my pump and cylinder through check-in bagage. Could people who managed to carry these PE stuffs especially the pump and cylnder comment and suggest me any ideas?

as long as you don’t mind people going through and handling it to see what it is then go right ahead. i don’t see how it could be misconstrued as a weapon or explosive device. and despite popular paranoia, the security guy doesn’t give a damn why you have it, just if it’s dangerous, so you shouldn’t have to explain yourself… If you do just tell the truth, you’ll never see that guy again anyways.

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I’ve traveled with my cylinder in checked baggage, no problem; but, I don’t bring the pressure gauge. I just figure it’s the size and shape that might set of some alarms. So, I just have a tube connected to the cylinder, and suck it to vacuum-ize the cylinder. I pump at low vacuum anyway, and after a few years of pumping have a pretty good idea of how it should feel. When I get home I re-attach the gauge.

However, it’s probably okay to take the gauge. I’m just being hyper-cautious. People bring small alarm clocks and other similarly shaped items in checked luggage all the time.

I don’t see penis pumps among the prohibited items here:…ed-items.shtm#2

The closest they get is “Compressed Gas Cylinders,” indicating it’s probably not a good idea to pump on the plane.

Huh. No snow globes in carry-on.

Oops. Now I see you’re in India. Never mind the TSA stuff, unless you’re traveling to the States.

SD, Ike,
Thanks for your hints.
My pump is very compact. It’s an hand pump that I bought from lapdist. It may be possible to remove the guage. But I don’t want to try it.

Ike, most of the prohibited items mentioned in that link would be same/aplicable for travelling to any foreign countries.
I’m traveling to a country where security level is very very high. :)

When I was PEing and had to travel, I would just jelq and/or clamp.

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Jelqing and clamping is good idea while on travel.

I’m all excited about pumping, at low pressure though. I’m away for 6 weeks. Pumping for 6 weeks should give me some decent gains and hence thinking about carrying it.

Managed to get my pump abroad through check-in baggage. Baggage screening officer asked me to open it and asked me what it is. I said it’s a hand pump. He asked me what the purpose of the pump is. I said it’s used for vacuum creation. No further questions. :D

I recently traveled domestically with my cylinder in checked baggage. I left the hand pump at home (except for the tubing) because of the possibility it could look like a weapon when viewed via x-ray machine and I wanted to minimize the possibility that some one would go through my luggage. I had no trouble on either flight and it did not appear that the bag had been opened.

I did have a problem when I first bought it while on a trip some years ago before all the x-ray equipment was in place. At the time all luggage was inspected on a long table in view of everyone and you were asked to take everything out of the bag. On this occasion there were three inspectors, two female and one male. Sure enough when it was my turn I drew one of the females; so I quickly asked the person behind me to go ahead and the male inspector became available next. I had decided that the best strategy was to be upfront about it and hope for some understanding. So I told him quietly what he would find, that it was for ED treatment, and I would appreciate some degree of privacy. He asked me to point to where it was and left it in the suit case instead of laying it on the table with everything else. I could not have asked for better treatment under the circumstances. I can laugh about it now, but then it wasn’t nearly as amusing.

I’ve traveled with both the cylinder and had pump and yes my bag got pulled a side and inspected. I must say that the three times I’ve traveled with it each airport screening agent was cool and very discreet and respectful and all male. I mean come on, they know what it is.

It would be embarrassing if you got to explain to a female inspector.

As an ex-airline pilot, I had to go through security everyday. I bought a 2” mailing tube off ebay. It is clear plastic with two orange plastic end caps. I hot glued one end cap on and put a brass tube through it to attach a short section of aquarium tubing. I use the aquarium tubing to suck on to provide suction. I made a ring out of silicon tubing, the kind you used in science class in high school. I used super glue to attach the two ends of the silicon tubing together. I then used a razor blade to slice the tubing open so it fits over the open end of the mailing tube. This forms the padding for the open end of the tube. The end result is a low cost stealth pumping cylinder. When traveling, take off the silicon tubing, put you toothbrush inside, and put the other end cap on the cylinder. Then it’s not a penis pump, it’s a toothbrush holder. It also helps to hide your activities from prying hotel maids.

jetpig, That sounds like some creative work.

I wouldn’t mind me if this beautiful maid here in the hotel spys on my cylinder/pump. :D

I’m flying back home and time to face the security check tomorrow. I’m prepared to say that the pump is used for ED treatment in case I’m asked.

Last time I flew I had two cock rings in my hand luggage, and the security people, all female, asked me if I was carrying handcuffs. They made me open it. I had to tell my dear Mum to go ahead to the lounge. I pulled them out and they were satisfied that they were harmless. Then I had to tell my mum it was because of keys and buckles.

I do a lot of flying and I haven’t had the balls to pack my pump. I know they would check my bags. The last time I traveled they only checked one bag. When I am in the hotels I keep my luggage locked at all times. You know them nosy maids are going through your luggage when you are not there. I was at the front desk one day trying to fuck the help and this guy checked in, left his hand bag in the room no lock on it. The girl checked another person in the same room, the man complain that a bag was in the room. The girl took the bag to the front desk and open it. The guy has some weights in the bag, his hanging gear. She asked me if I knew what the guy was doing with the weights. I told her yes but I didn’t go into detail. The guy said he was looking for his workout equipment about 15lbs and some other equipment to wrap his penis with. So, you have to be extra careful when traveling.

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