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Pump and cylinder do not fit.

Pump and cylinder do not fit.

Ok brief history I started pumping about a month ago with one of those cheap Adam and eve pumps but it was too big and crapped out after 2 weeks. I finally ordered a good pump from and it was here in just a few days. That part was great, but when I tried to connect the hose to the cylinder I found that the O ring was split. No problem I can go to Home depot and probably find an O ring. However, when I tried to connect the hose, the male connector did not fit the female connector of the 1.75” cylinder. I ordered the p131 pump and hose and the p127 cylinder. Is this just a defect or are these two items not compatible? I’ve already emailed picturebrite but it’s Friday and they are closed until Monday.

They should fit. Sounds like picturebrite will need to get it sorted out for you.

The time I ordered from them they accidently sent the wrong cylinder (correct size, wrong style).

They drop shipped the right one and told me I could keep the wrong one if I wanted to. Very nice.

Picture Brite WOW

Talk about great customer service! I emailed them on Friday (they are closed Fri-sun) and Tuesday morning they called me saying that I would receive a replacement pump, cylinder, extra hose,and 2 sets of male and female connectors. Just a few days later it’s here! I can not believe how far they went for a customer. I would have been happy with just the connectors.

That is good to hear. I have been a little upset with all of the reports of split O-rings from these guys and it’s nice to hear they are backing up their products.

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