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Puffy swollen skin after pumping

Puffy swollen skin after pumping

Anyone ever get puffy/swollen skin just below the glands after a good pump sessions?

Is this a bad PI?

I went from the 9x2 cylinder to the 10x1.75 and my pump was much better I feel like. Much better length pump, and girth felt more full as well, but definitely alot of puffyness below the glands

You are using too much ‘pressure’ and probably staying in the tube too long.

This causes water buildup under the skin .

So ease off the vacuum and cut down on the time.

You don’t give your measurements so it is not possible to say if your 1.75 is too tight. - which again could produce swelling.

So the advice is take things a little more easily Build up gradually to high vaccum and time.

Presumably you didn’t have bumps wwhen using the larger cylinder. So that would be better for you

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True, but there was not a spec of gain in or out of the tube in the larger/wider tube. If anything I for some reason had a weaker erection

And now, in the longer thinner tube my erections are better and I can see my dick growing in the tube.
And I am going for length

What you are describing sounds like what is sometimes called a ‘donut’.

Do a search on donut and you should find some helpful threads.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

The swelling on the underside of the glands has stopped. Which is good, even after a real good pump, no real swelling at all after the pump.

But I am getting the red dots. Which sucks

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