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"Progressive" Pumping?

"Progressive" Pumping?

Hey all I need your advice,

I took an interest in pumping about a year and a half ago. Of course, like most newbies, I had only trial and error to go by, so I bought one of those cheesy “porn pumps” that are both too wide and too shallow. It was two inches wide and six and a half inches deep. Lengthwise, I packed the friggin thing in two passes!

At that time, I began lurking the forums here and learned of La Pump Distributors. Fact is, I think I got overly ambitious, as I went from a 6.5’ x 2’ tube to a 10’x1.75’ tube. Admittedly, the results were less than encouraging, as I never seemed to be making forward progress.

Now, I’ve given the matter some more thought, and I wanna take another pass at it. This time however, I want to focus solely on length, but I want to peicemeal it. I’m going to purchase a 7’x 1.5’ tube and work with it from there. My hope is to progressively advance a half inch at a time until I reach a respectable size; which in my case is like friggin pornstar proportions.

Anyway, I’d love to hear whatever advice you all have to say on this subject. Thanks for listening…

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It depends a bit on your current size - for instance, I have a 10inch long by 1.75 inch ID tube much like yours and I have an LA Pump which, with the vacuum guage, does just fine. I pack the 1.75 inch tube about 50% at present, and my extension up the tube is about 7 inches so this tube is going to work just fine (I hope) for length for quite a while.

I do have another, larger tube on order - 10 inch long by 2-1/8 inch ID that I will use for girth/length work. My plan is to work the larger cylinder in my first session in the morning (girth+length) and the tighter tube (hopefully for length) in my evening session because I will pack the 1.75 tube even better for the 2cd session.

Now a couple of points: 1) I personally would not go below 10 inches in tube length right now because I need the expansion capacity; 2) I am experimenting and cycling between the 2 cylinders to learn how my unit responds under mild vacuum (I never go beyond 5 inch Hg). Does my penis grow radially in the larger tube for girth or does it grow both longitudinally and radially in the larger tube? I don’t know but I want to find out. When I fully pack the 1.75 inch tube radially, will my penis then “walk” down the length of that tube and ultimately pack the entire 10 inches of length? I don’t know but I sure hope so. In any event, I will have adequate cylinder length(s) and diameters to go for it.

Tube selection is extremely important - you might want to query Avocet8 on this and get his spin but I’m sure he’ll want to know your dimensions and specific goals.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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