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Progress -- Thanks, you Guys

Progress -- Thanks, you Guys

In my post of July 13, “Slow to Gain — Advice Welcome”, I was concerned because I had been on a plateau for well over a year. Based on the advice and encouragement of several members here, I came up with a programme which I have been following for the past 5 weeks (though the first 2 weeks were pretty much taken up with working out the kinks and getting the system down). My aim at this point is to increase length, and the bottom line is that since I last posted I have gained 1/4 inch. Here’s how:
JAI stretches — 5 mins. (Stretching in 5 directions: down,
down-right, down-left, up-right,
5x10sec. manual stretches (5 directions,as
above, for a total 25 stretches).
25x10 sec. Fake-Arm Blasters.
5x10 sec. Bundle stretches (5 directions, as
above, for a total of 25 stretches).
25x10 sec. Blasters, one third of which
(roughly) are Bundle stretches.

Hang — 12.5lb.x10mins. (3 sets).

Pump — 5x8 min. sets (at 5-6hg).
Between sets — 3x10 sec. manual stretches (3
directions: down, down-right,
down-left), for a total of 9
9x10 sec. Blasters.
I do 5 sets of pumping and 4 sets of stretches.

Late Evening — 10-15 mins. manual stretching.

The AM stretching takes 35 mins., and the AM hanging takes 30 mins.
The PM pumping and stretching take 65 mins.
Late evening stretch takes 10-15 mins.
Total time is 2hrs.20-25 mins.

My schedule is 2 days on, 1 off (I have been experimenting recently with a light pumping session on day 3; then I do 2 more days and rest completely on the next day. And so on).

Warm-up — I think the recent threads on the benefits of heat make good sense. I use a heating pad for 15 mins. before starting, and I wrap it around the cylinder when pumping (taking care not to overheat, however).
Fake Arm — I use a piece of bamboo, about 18ins. long and as thick as my finger; also, an 18 ins. piece of dowel, about as thick as a yard-brush pole. By alternating them, I can hit different angles effectively.
Grip — I use baby powder for a good grip during the morning session. I use toilet paper for a good grip during the PM pumping session, because the lube prevents the use of baby powder. I exert as much force as my grip can take, and find the Bundle stretches no trouble, though they are not for newbies.
Hanging — In my earlier post, I mentioned that I had to give up hanging because of repeated foreskin bruises. Now I have begun again, with short, 10 min. sets, currently at 12.5lb. I use light manual pressure to squeeze the head while hanging. This is a nuisance, but it helps. The trick is to squeeze without counteracting the weight. I use a Bib hanger (great invention) and so far I’m doing fine. But here is a main discovery: the pumping session later in the day seems very effectively to relieve my tendency to bruise, and I can see how the extra blood-flow would would help to do this. (I’m going to post briefly on the Hangers Forum in case this may a help to others who, like me, have foreskin problems).

So, here are the stats:
July,1999 — ELBP 5.75
EG 4.25

Aug.,2003 — ELBP 7.00
EG 5.00
At last I have hit the big 7-up, having broken the plateau and gained that last 1/4 inch during this past 5-week all-out assault. My original goal was 7x5, but now that I’ve got it, I want 7.5x5.5, and that will really do it for me. I will keep on with the current programme (though, darn it, my schedule changes in Sept.) until I get to 7.25; then I’ll concentrate on girth, aiming for 5.25. Does this make sense? I’d appreciate any comments, and thanks again to you guys for your help.

Good going, Redlight.

Hope there are more gains to follow - esp. now that you have upped your own ante to 7.5

What then?



Thanks, Avocet:

The answer is, I hope, a (rather late in the day) sense of contentment about something that in the past has caused me too much discontent…. Thanks also for your great work on this forum.

The sense of contentment you talk about is easily the best aspect of PE. Although PE is a whole lot of work when you add up all the time we might spend on it to get to our goals, the improvement in self-confidence is well worth it.

>I want 7.5x5.5, and that will really do it for me. I will keep on with the current programme (though, darn it, my schedule changes in Sept.) until I get to 7.25; then I’ll concentrate on girth, aiming for 5.25. Does this make sense?<

Girth is more difficult to put on than length, for most of us anyway. When you do get to 7.5, that might be a good time to shift programs because it will be a new focus for you - new exercises - and add even more interest.



Avocet 8:

Thanks for the advice. I take it you think it is better to go the whole way towards realizing my length goal before concentrating on girth, rather than doing it in increments as I suggested in the post. I realize that girth involves a whole new approach, and I think I know how to go about it when the time comes (though again, I’ll seek advice here).

I don’t quite understand why the self-confidence issue should be as considerable as it is, but it is indeed considerable, and it is a great thing to be able to do something about it. Glad to hear that you share this understanding of how things are.


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