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Products for me?

Products for me?

Hello, haven’t been to this forum in a while but had personal issues. Well, I been doing PE on and off a few months back but stopped (laziness), but I plan on getting back on it. I will be using Thunders manual, and will be purchasing pumps, etc to help me along the way. I know most of you will say wait, but this is the only I can afford products for a while so I want to purchase them now. I am willing to buy a pump and some weights (and any other product that came out without my knowledge), so please reply back with personal preferences on those (try to pick a cheap but efficient brand please). Also, will be taking Arginine while doing exercises.

Starting Erect Length(Aug.1.05: 4.5BP

*Erect Length(March.5.10): 6.00BP****Erect Girth: 4.5

(PE on and Off, Starting March/10 I am going at it full on)

I have looked at your old threads, and you have been looking for equipment since 8/1/05. Why should we believe you are ready to buy this time?

arginine = good. just make sure you get it in bulk. Mix it with lemon juice, not orange juice when you drink it.

since you are less than 5 inches length, i would recomment the bib starter, not the bib hanger.

Some cheap weights, 10, 5, 5, 2.5 lb at walmart.

Vacutech pump, get the traditional 2X9 thick walled cylinder with the pump ( all comes in the pump package)>

good luck man. PE is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself / slow and steady wins the race. Dont get overzealous, that will only lead to injury and thus, delay.

Dont worry about mean bitches in the past. TODAY is the day you change your future….dont look back.

Good luck man


As far a some weight plates goes: next time you are driving around on the weekend stop at a garadge sale or two and you will probably bick some up for a buck.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thank you guys for your support and help.

gprent, I know that I am not ready yet (due to my laziness before, I have been PE’ing on and off (mostly off)) but this is the only time I can afford them. I will not use them for another month or two.

Starting Erect Length(Aug.1.05: 4.5BP

*Erect Length(March.5.10): 6.00BP****Erect Girth: 4.5

(PE on and Off, Starting March/10 I am going at it full on)

It’s hard to recommend the cost of a professional system when your past history suggests you might not utilize the equipment to its full potential, but if you do decide to make a firm commitment, I would suggest pump equipment from lapdist and their deluxe package. For best results, you need a cylinder that fits comfortably and I am guessing from your length, you could use either a 9” X 1.5”, or a 9” X 1.75” cylinder depending on your erect girth near the base. Let me know that girth measurement and I will give you some help.

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