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Problems with heating while pumping

Problems with heating while pumping

Ok so Ive been having some trouble with keeping my cylinder warm while pumping. I keep a heating pad wrapped around it the entire time, and allow the pad to heat the tube up for about 10 min before I pump. However, it seems like I can never get a good heat going on. Either it isn’t hot enough, or it becomes too hot and burns me. Its almost as if when it gets really hot, the heat never transfers through the tube and into the cylinder. Instead its as if the heat is all absorbed by the tube walls, making them very hot but never transferring that heat to my penis. So although it doesnt feel very warm inside the tube, when my penis touches the walls of the tub it burns me.

Does anyone have a good technique for heating while pumping?

You are already doing it right. Your cock just doesn’t sense warm air very well. When the walls of the cylinder are warm and certainly when they are hot, the air inside is also warm. Your cock just doesn’t feel it very well, but the heat is there and it is doing the job.

So don’t even worry about getting the cylinder walls so hot that if they touch you, you get burned. As long as the cylinder is warm, so is the air inside.

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Yes, be careful not to get the walls of the tube too hot. Those heating pads get very hot and you can actually burn yourself if you’re not careful. Watch for hot spots. I had a case once where my heating pad developed an extreme hot spot right where my glans was touching the tube. It burned like crazy, so in a panic I released the pressure (via the pump, not the quick/emergency release on the end of the tube) and the pumped skin at the base kept the pressure from releasing 100% right away. So for those excruciating few seconds while I yanked at the cylinder to come off my dick, my glans was rubbing against the hot plastic tube the entire time. It felt like someone took a piece of red hot iron and placed it against my glans and I was helpless to do anything about it. It’s a good thing nobody was home because I was screaming! It left a painful red burn mark that took awhile to heal. So believe me, you do not want to get that tube too hot!

Yes, be very careful.

Burns= Time off to heal, and we don’t like that. :)

Expand your MIND! :)

Air is not a good conductor of heat.

You may notice that when you put your hand in a hot oven it doesn’t immediately burn, wheras if you were to touch a stovetop which is running at the same temperature you’re in for trouble.

The cylinder is going to act as an insulator, absorbing some heat until it comes up to a good ambient temperature, and then it’s going to heat the air inside it which will in turn heat your penis, albeit not so effectively. It will bring everything up to temperature, but it will do it slowly so you won’t notice it quite as dramatically as you would with something which is a better conductor. Water pumping is a little more efficient.

As to being burned, as long as the heat source isn’t hot enough to burn you, then the cylinder will never get that hot regardless of how it feels, but boy can it hurt.

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Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Remember, your trying to transmit heat through a vacuum! You need air molecules to transfer the heat.. I think radiating head like a heat lamp would work better

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