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Hey guys:

Seem—its like keeping the vacuum built up at low hg. is becoming a major problem. I first thought it was the pump—it is OK. I thought the cylinder may have developed a hairline crack—it’s OK. I replaced the plastic tubing and they’re tight. So keeping the vacuum at low hg. is not being maintained. I have a the traditional brass pump with the gravel cleaner tube. I even bought a new one and same problem. The vacuum slowly depletes; it used to be constant. Any simiar problem and what was your solution? Thanks Steve

Trim your hairs.

Use a good base sealant.

Make sure the diameter of the pump is no more than .25 more than the diameter of your unit.

If you bought a novelty pump ($25 -$40) chances are good the the leak is genuine because those pumps typically have shoddy quality. Stick it in water while you have it on and check for air bubbles like a flat tire. (bathtub)

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Make a little soapy water mix and apply it to all the connections during your next pump session. If you don’t see any bubbles from leaks at the connections, then it is either internal pump leakage, or leakage at the base of your cock from insufficient lube. So, if your connections are all good, try more lube at the base.

I found the gravel cleaner cylinder (I bought the Pro-Aquatics one from Petsmart) to be quite leaky. Mine seemed to be losing air from where the plastic cap attaches to the cylinder. Like you, I bought two cylinders to experiment with the cushioning issues inherent with using a gravel cleaner as a pump cylinder. I finally wised up and bought myself a good quality Boston Pump Works cylinder.

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Put a bead of silicone sealer around the cap - tube joint. That fixed mine.

Hmmm… Just Curious,

I am wondering if the following is an all around decent routine for length and girth.. I first start by soaking my Johnson and testes in semi-hot water for about 3 min.. then when fully erect I enter into my 9x2 vacutech.. I maintain pressure at 7 Hg for 20 minutes.. then release pressure.. shake off. After reachieving erection.. I clamp with a cable clamp for 20 minutes and using my “Kegel” muscles I force more blood into my shaft till I am about 120% above my normal dimensions . Afterwards, I release and immediately Jelq with a firm , well oiled “Okay” overhanded grip.. I do about 200- 3 second jelqs and to finally wrap it up.. I again take a semi-hot bowl of H20 and warm down for 3 minutes.. total time about 68 minutes and I do this from 8am-9:10am… and my PM is from 8pm-9:10PM… is there anything else I should incorporate into my routine???

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