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Problem with Ordering !!


Problem with Ordering !!


I am an expat working in Kuwait. I ordered Delux Package & 2 Leather Rings. On 25th of last month LA pump distri,CA received my order. I called them once they said it will take 5 days to send. But so far I didnot receive any email about my order. It is about 15 days now. I tried to call them several times after that but no one picks up.

Can any one advice,,,?

Thanks a lot,

They probably mean 5 days in the US. 15 days for an international order doesn’t seem too long, if it gets to a month maybe it only got as far as customs or never got sent.

Have you ordered stuff whilst in Kuwait before? How long does it normally take? Did they UPS it?

But they are supposed to send my shipment by Courrier. My courrier (Money Draft) reached LA in 4 days. From kuwait I ordered L-Arginine previously & I got it. If LA had sent already or the shipment is in transit then I would have got email !

Thanks for replying

If they sent it by courier there should be a tracking number, have you tried emailing them stating that it hasn’t arrived and asking them for the tracking number so that you can check it yourself? I’m sure you have already.

Other than trying to contact them again I can’t see where you go from there.

Anyone else having problems with LA pump atm?

I just ordered one today from LA. I am a bit worried now after reading this. I haven’t received an email yet saying that they have sent it, but it is also the weekend, so if I do not hear anything by Tuesday, I will start the calling/emailing process and keep everytone informed. Hopefully they haven’t gone out of business :(

I didnot have any email from them and not tracking no. too. Can you please give email address of them.


Here’s what appears at their site:

Email -

Postal Mail -

Los Angeles Pump Distributing, llc.
4450 California Place, No 377
Long Beach, CA 90807-2229

Phone: (310) 289-7199 Fax: (310) 289-7199

From my experience and in talking with others, they are usually very responsive to email and phone EXCEPT when they get very busy with orders. Then they drop the communication part and push instead on the orders-pending part. The owner is a very nice guy. He took time, for example, to talk with a friend of mine for a half hour long distance and at his own expense when my buddy was having difficulty with his new pump.

One factor may be that they are shipping what looks to be a potentially dangerous object to the unpracticed eye into a politically sensitive area. Plan on delays until somebody gets around to actually inspecting the pump before forwarding it on to you.




Thanks for your reply. I was waiting for your post. I sent an email just now & I hope they will get back to me.

I think the normal procedure is , once a parcel is dispatched to any location then its tracking number will be mailed to the concerned customer. But in my case so far this has not been done.

Thanks again

Mine didn’t come with a tracking number but if yours was shipped via a courrier company, you should be given one.



I send them email but no reply so far. I am constantly trying to call but no one picks up the phone, just one message repeats ” Hello you reached LA..”

Is any one can help, please


yes I checked, I don’t have filter. Any one from this Forum & who are from US can please help by checking/calling LA Pump Distrip, CA. End of this month I am planning for vacation. It would be good if I get it before leaving kuwait.

Hope any one from Thunder will try to help……..

Thanks a lot

Ultimately I could able to speak to LApump dist person. According to him already send shipment last week by “US Global Priority mail ” & not by Courrier. Before placing order When I called them, they said they will ship by courrier and costs 25$. I did send them all money.

Now how can I track my order ? Are they really shipped ? If they shipped my order then why don’t they send me email ? I send emails at and requested them to send reply also. But !!!!!

Very disappointed !

I am sorry, I sent mails to itself. Posting mistake

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