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Privacy Issues

Privacy Issues

I’ve got a wife and kids. As a result, I‘ve basically been limited to jelqing and stretching during my morning shower, which doesn’t amount to much. As a result, I feel I‘ve plateued. I would like to try pumping, but I can’t have it delivered to my house because inquiring minds will want to know what’s in the box. Are there any adult retail shops that sell a pump that’s any good? I can always hide it behind the kickplate to the vanity.

Then (2007) 7"bpel x 5".5

Now (9/2009) 7".5 bpel x 5".75 (currently 5.6) I guess I lost a wee bit

Now 9/2011 7.75 bpel x 5 5/8

Most adult shops have them.

Adult shops will not have any good ones. You may want to get a PO box at the local post office and have it delivered there

Have it delivered to work att to your name ?

Two magic words: General Delivery.


Most postal services offer a service called General Delivery (or Poste Restante) where you can have packages and or mail delivered to a post office and they will hold them for you to pick them up. Fees may apply depending on what the regulations are where you live, and they will only hold the item for a limited amount of time before returning it to sender. Since the rules will vary depending on where you live, go talk to the people at your local post office and find out.

If you’re interested in other easily hidden PE, you might want to also look into ADS (all day stretching). This is where you stretch your penis during the day by tying it to a body part with an elastic strap of some form, usually either to your leg or over your shoulders/around your neck. You can easily conceal this under your clothing. If you’re concerned about privacy this is something you can easily do,

I ordered mine through Vaccutech. The package arrives with no ID of where it came from or where it is. I would have it delivered general delivery, too.

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