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Pressure pumping question

Pressure pumping question

I just got my new kaplan pump in the mail today and I am quite pleased. It’s good quality and only cost about 67 dollars including tax and shipping. My question is how much pressure can you take? The instructions say keep it between 5 -10 hg, but I’ve read on here that some guys only do 5 hg. So whats up? Can I go higher than 10 or is that pushing the limits?

Don’t even start at 5 , work your way up to 5 , start at maybe 3…

After a week you should be able to do sets at 5.

My advice is to never go past 6-7hg.

Yes, it will look bigger and be bigger if you go at 10hg+, but not for long and you’ll end up hurting yourself withtout perm results.

Hope this helps

I thought the same thing about pressure. I went to 10 hg for 10-15 minutes pretty quickly. It adversely affected my ability to get erections. Things are returning to normal since I took a break, but I’ll never pump beyond 5 hg again. I plan to stay around 2-3 hg.

I thought I was doing ok since it didn’t hurt. My advice is to start slow.

I find that anything over 5 gives me the dreaded “donut effect” which is lymph buildup behind the glans. One thing I do that prevents the donut effect (but I still keep the vacuum under 6) is to wrap the area behind the glands with Ace bandage.

I pump mainly for a quick visual effect. To gain permanent girth I clamp.

I also measure in the pump as a verification on length gains.

I would say 5-7 is pushing the limits and can and will cause damage. Your penis does not have to hurt to have something wrong with it. Plus pumping high did the opposite to me. It actually made my penis get shorter in size by pumping with high pressures, but low pressure between 2-3 some times 5 HG is when I started seeing good results.

Think of it this way. Why train your penis to be large when exposed to pressures seen only in outer space? It would seem to make more sense to train your penis to be as large as possible in near ambient conditions. So working with lower pressures is not only safer, it is more practical in the long run.

I started out a long time ago using high pressure but have since seen the light and now 5 is my limit and spend most time in the 3-4 range.

Thanks for the advice guys. I just didn’t feel any pain pumping at 10, but I’ll try to keep it under 5

Yea I didn’t feel any pain either but my blood work up showed that I had some infection somewhere so I quit pumping to see it my whit blood count would go down and it did. I still pumped high and the white blood count went back up so I had to find a way to pump so my white blood count wouldn’t rise and through some little experiments I found out if I didn’t pump high and keep the pressure around 2-3 hg most of the time and would step up to 5 every so often and didn’t pump too long. I use some hand exercises to take up some of the time I put toward pumping alone. And I finally found a routine that didn’t make my white blood count rise and and routine that I could get results from. All though I do not get too good of results I do get some gain about an inch and an half in 9 months. I know that that isn’t that good but it is gains that doesn’t require pumping with high pressure. I rather get little results than hurting my penis some how and not be able to get hard all the way.

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