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Pressure or Comfort

Pressure or Comfort

I use Penomet and bathmate pumps, with the Penomet I get a nice level of comfort with all the gaiters but personally between the 5 gaiters I don’t notice any difference in strength just the amount of force I have to use in pushing down its alright but I just want more pressure has anyone else noticed this ie.. Are my gaiters not working correctly or is it me pumping wrong because if I do pump it hard the gaiter keeps collapsing. I’ve also got the Xtreme and it has got the right name because when I use that although its really comfortable its well extreme compared to the other pumps. Its hard getting the balance just right.

OMG.. Can’t believe Penomets gaiters are all the same waht a con..

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The difference is ever so slight and it is at the MAXIMUM vacuum which means you have to press down like a hydraulic machine. So really it’s all about the best maximum vacuum and then you have the option to choose any amount of vacuum in between nothing and the max.

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There’s something very wrong with that video.

I did my own simple test just now. Granted, I don’t have a pressure gauge so I had to improvise. Placing the gaiters on a scale, full compression of the softest gaiter is equivalent to a weight of roughly 5 kg (hard to get an exact read). The same test on the strongest gaiters came up with 11 kg.
The tube has a radius at the opening of ~3.1 cm. Using 9.82m/s^2 for the gravitational acceleration, this comes out to pressures of -4.8 and -10.6 inHg respectively.

While obviously not an exact test, I believe these numbers are fairly realistic (maybe slightly high) based on the responses (and my own experience) about bruising from the penomet.

tl;dr: If you need to use more force to push the stronger gaiters down, the negative pressure is equivalently larger.

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