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pressure i dont get it

pressure i dont get it

I got the falcon trigger pump with guage and it goes up to 30HG. I find i can never get even half way to 5 before it feels like too much pressure and i should use more pressure or it will do damage. Guys please share opinions/experience/advice on this

If more than 2.5 feels uncomfortable for you, that’s perfectly OK. At 2.5 or below you should still be getting good expansion.

That gauge doesn’t show a 30 limit because we are supposed to go there. Most of us would blow up long before we did.

Most of these gauges were not built specifically for cock pumping; they’re just convenient measures for what’s happening pressure-wise in tubes that were made for cock pumping.



Thanks for your reply, yeh i tried it on my thigh lol, I got to about 6-7 and it hurt lol.


You must have one heck of a hickey on your leg!


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