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Post Pump Effects

Post Pump Effects

Monday 10th I did:

1 x 10 minute 4 in/Hg session, followed by hot shower and jelqing, and one hour later two more 10 minute sessions at 4 in/Hg because it felt fine.

Not only did it feel ok, but I didn’t notice any adverse effects that some pumpers speak of. Now I know 4 in/Hg is very low, but the pull felt like it was really doing some work, and was still very comfortable.
I can’t remember after which session, but once I came out the tube I was 80% or so, brought myself up to 100% and measured in at:

7.875” BPEL,
4.875” EGMS,
5.25” EGB.

This is a step up of:

0.125” BPEL,
0.125” EGMS,
~0.25” EGB (or slightly more).

Those stats up there I’ve been at when I’ve been PEing more heavily, so I’m assuming that they’re like re-gained (but not cemented) gains. Since starting exams etc. I’d reverted back to 7.75”, 4.75” and ~5” respectively.

My questions:

Is it unusual that when I came out I didn’t have any donut effect, or indeed any smoothness or sponginess? I was as hard as ever, if not more.

Before I PEed I was happy with my size, and had perfect (IMO) erection quality, was great. However, when I started getting worried about size it all went downhill and I’ve still not recovered from that. Cialis coupled with the times when I’m feeling better give me brief moments of those lost days of hardness, but typically they’re not too good. I forgot to mention previously that I was experimenting with Cialis and even today should still have just less than 10mg in my system.

Am I likely to see much poorer results without the cialis? Obviously it must help in some ways, but considering there shouldn’t be anything physically wrong with me (since everything worked flawlessly all my life till I got depressed, and I’ve been careful with PE) should it really make much of a difference? They always say in the pamphlets for these things that they do nothing for you if you don’t have a problem.

For the record, Viagra didn’t really do much for me, but Cialis has.

No, it is not unusual to not have a donut or smoothness or sponginess after a pump session. Those 3 things actually should be avoided if you are doing a targeted pump session that expands the tunica and internal structures. Those 3 conditions are external skin conditions only and have nothing to do with growth.

So it is a very good sign you did not get a donut. It means you were pumping within your capabilities, you did not break any capillaries and you did not experience discomfort. You are in the conditioning stage and should strive to have every pump session so good. Slowly, you will be extending the length of each pump cycle and the pressure. Even in the long term, there is really no need to go over 6 in hg and in the short term forget about it. Stay at 4 for a week, then go to 5 for a while.

Do your kegels in the tube and I would say you could ween yourself off all erection meds. You are on the right track!

As you continue pumping, your penile vascular system will gradually increase in its blood delivery capacity. Many of us develope veins/arteries where they never showed before. Result, erections tend to happen more rapidly and more frequently. Nocturnal erection patterns also become more active and this is a good thing for all of us.

You are pumping in a safe HG range. Gprent covered that part. Don’t overdo as you get used to this. Vacuum causes a different sort of expansion from hanging and manual exercises. Takes some physical adjustment.

Try to avoid doughnutting. Each event just makes it more likely to happen because recurrances weaken the tissue in that area and make you more succeptible to lymphatic buldging.



Interesting, thanks for the replies.


I know we’ve covered this before, but from the above does it look like a mental thing or a physical thing that is causing me problems? I still just have such a hard time seeing how depression could make usable yet not 100% erections. If it was physical then I would have had to have developed a condition, or injured the vascular system sometime between last May (2003) and maybe a few months after that. Considering I’ve never experienced pain and PE initially made my erections harder, it seems unlikely that I would have caused damage. However, I’m sure it is possible.

I have also been very unhappy about size and performance, pleasure of whoever I’m with etc. so it does seem like that could be the problem, and when I went to the doctor he said my hormone levels were normal.

Just can’t see the wood for the trees, or whatever they say.

Oh, and excuse my turning of this into an MSH thread!

Thanks for your replies.


Mental, I’d say. If your hormone levels are normal and your libido is pretty high, forget that part of it.

Performance Anxiety is very common. We are more fragile than we think.

We men can get stressed out so easily from a sexual point of view; everthing from a heavy school schedule to job stress, to new sexual partner anxiety, to dick size anxiety. Lots of things set it off including even one flukey, haphazzard sexual failure and we all have those.

Probably when you decide in your head that your dick size is fine (which it already is), your erections will be hard again. If you incurred some penile damage somehow, you’d feel or see it.



Originally Posted by avocet8
Probably when you decide in your head that your dick size is fine (which it already is), your erections will be hard again. If you incurred some penile damage somehow, you’d feel or see it.

Well I’m pretty confident I’ve not incurred damage because it’s basically the same shape as before, but bigger.

Thanks for your advice Avocet, you’ve been really helpful.

If you keep the pressure low (as it should be) you can stay in the pump for nearly an hour without any of the negative side effects as seen my those who overdo it…


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