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Possible fix for lymph/doughnut effect

Possible fix for lymph/doughnut effect

I don’t know how well this will work for others but I’ve found this is working perfectly for me.

I’ve been getting back into pumping but because I’ve always struggled with pain around the fat pad with skin irritation I have started to use an anti-inflammatory gel. The stuff I use is Voltaren Emulgel and I use enough to cover my whole penis, massage it in and then let it dry. Initially I started using it for skin discomfort but I’ve found it works really well to reduce lymph buildup and doughnut effect.

About 15 minutes after rubbing it I find any doughnut or lymph buildup starts to disappear and I’m left with a heavy flaccid.

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Great tip! Thanks, lymph build up is not only limited to pumpers. I get it a lot with various exercises … maybe it’s because I am un-cut.

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This is brilliant. Worked like a charm for me.
I used a little bit of aloe vera gel (99%) on the skin. Cleared out the fluid completely within a few hours.
I’m usually somewhat swollen for a good 12-24 hours post clamping.

Now I just need something to remove those pesky red spots ;)

General advice is that if you’re seeing broken capillaries (the red dots) then you’ve pumped/clamped too hard.

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