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please tell me Northwestpumpworks is a reliable company.

please tell me Northwestpumpworks is a reliable company.

When I decided to by a pump,I had read that Northwest pumpworks was a reliable company with great products.
I sent out a money order on 8-19,and I have not received a email saying that shipped my order.I am positive by now that it has arrived.I have emailed them twice,and have received no emails back.
The reason I chose them as a company, besides there reputation,is that I wrote them twice before I decided to purchase anything(one question about shipping to po boxes,the next about tube length) and received answers to both questions the next day.Yet,I cannot get an answer to my question about my order status.

Its starting to worry me.Has anyone else use this company?

Romeo must die! Just kidding :)

I did the same thing with LA Pumps, they never sent an email or anything but they did ship the merchandise. I think I did 3 day shipping, so between mailing the check and recieving the merchandise, it was about a 2 week turn-around.

I wouldn’t sweat it.


cead mile failte :lep:

Thanks for the reply Sixerman.

I chose the 2day option.Today will make it 2 weeks since I sent the payment,so hopefully It will arrive very soon.Not receiving any notice just freaked me out, especially when I received emails from them before.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

I’ve order from them twice and had no problems either time. They are the only place I know of that custom builds cylinders in 1/8” width increments (rather than standard 1/4” increments) and any length you specify.

Hey thunder,to my knowledge,they only have 1 email available.If you go to there website, they have a section that says “email us”,which takes me directly to my “write email” page on my internet.

I agree that the support seemed to be great before I ordered,but not good afterwards.
Nonetheless, after hearing the testimonies in this thread,I am at ease.

Thunder,do you know there support email?
The email I get is something along the lines of dont want to check the email address now,because it would erase this post.But I do know that there is a or at the end).

What happened to Romeo1 and his order?

I sent an email to the same company several days ago, and still no reply. Thankfully, I haven’t placed an order.


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