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Please recommend me the pump to fit my size

Please recommend me the pump to fit my size


Since I am not allowed to post to “Penis Pump” forum directly even I have been registered here over maybe three years.. Ok never mind I am posting here.

I bought the “Horny Dots Penis Pump”. Since I am not probably allowed to put link here, please use the Google to search for this exact statement with quotation marks included. I found that the inner diameter of this pump (without the sleeve) fit to my size perfectly, but the inner length is approx 19 cm which is not enough for me. I want to try pump for the length so I need the pump with this inner diameter but longer.

The reason I am asking here is that on various web sites there are introduced slightly different measures.
For example I am considering to buy this “Smile Penis Pump” because its parameters on web sites: approx 24cm long and diameter 3.7 - 4.5 cm .well but which diameter it is inner or outer ? I am able to measure the outer diameter from picture - it is 6.0 cm, so if 4.5 cm should be inner diameter the thickness of wall have to be 0.75 cm which seems to me to be waste of material so I doubt it is correct. Maybe they considered sleeve I don’t know. Can someone tell me the inner diameter of this particular pump (without sleeve considered) or can someone recommends me something else ? Thank you.

I can tell you are trying not to spend too much money, but the pumps you are looking at are really a waste of money because they are cheaply made and will not last long. You don’t want any pump will a squeeze bulb or a sleeve for the cylinder.

If you want us to help with your cylinder size, you have to tell us your erect length and girth. Otherwise, just use the Select Your Cylinder Size link provided in the above post by G263.

If you want a pump worth buying that will give you years of service look at the starter kit from thickwall. And yes, you can post the link:…s/starter-kits/

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Thickwall is very good, especially if you live in Europe. I received my order within 5 days of placing it. (At present, I’m living in Europe).

However, there are a couple of things you need to take into account if you are looking at the starter kit.

Firstly, the cylinder only comes in one length, 9”.

Secondly, in my opinion, the pump that is supplied with the starter kit, looks a little cheap, for the money.

But to be fair, it is a starter kit, and if you decide you are happy with pumping, you can always upgrade the pump later. :)

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Thank you gprent and Skygod2016 for quite verbose answers. Well I can remember quite well my first pump which I purchased maybe nine years ago. It was cheap simple one with bulb and after some days of using it I just accidentally drop it from 10 cm to carpet and it fall apart completely :-) . It was probably made from some recycled material it even smell terrible. So now I have this one “Penis pump Deluxe”. You can buy it for under 20 euros. It is best-buy for that price. It has clear acrylic cylinder, pump itself (I mean this handle) is quite solid. I am highly satisfied, but inner diameter of this pump is 6.5 cm which does not work for me. This “Horny Dots Penis Pump” I bought specially for the size of cylinder not for bulb pump. I am satisfied with the material of cylinder it is clear acrylic but as I said the length is short for me.

Well I saw this thickwall cylinder 5.3 cm x 23 cm. “Only” £59.99 for just a cylinder ? Seriously ? Ok, even this “Penis pump Deluxe” some shops advertise for 60 euros which 4 times higher as elsewhere.. It is simply sad. £59.99 is too much for me. I my country we have maybe 4x less payouts than in UK so .. Please advise someone something else based on your own positive experience. Thank you.

Since you are not telling us your erect size, go here and see if you can find something you like for what you can afford. If I am going to recommend a product, it is going to be a professional system with a gauge so you know what pressure you are using and a quality pump and cylinder that will last a long time. On this page, the best quality are the LeLuv products.…s+pump&_sacat=0

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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