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Picturebrite cylinders?


Well, mark001, if you outgrow your LA 2x9, maybe we can make a deal for it.
(Or anyone else who has one they aren’t using anymore.)

As I understand it, the LA cylinders are completely straight from opening to top. So your 9x2 is 2” at the opening, and at the top. The Picturebrite is almost the same, except it gets smaller right at the opening. So my 2” is really only 1.75” at the opening, and 2” for the rest of the cylinder.

I think the constriction at the opening *might* give you a better seal, but only if the size there is what you need.

So, if a 2” opening is really the right size for you there, then you could get either a LA 2” cylinder, or a Picturebrite 2.25” cylinder, either of which would have a 2” opening. You would get the Picturebrite if you wanted to concentrate on girth (since it’s body would be bigger), or if as you say you are packing at the head at 2”.

If I had it to do over again, I would probably get a 2” LA cylinder, and may yet do that. Of course I say that without ever having tried one, but the smaller opening of the PB cyclinder just seems a little small for me - so that the cylinder doesn’t want to go all the way down if I’m erect going in. But the 2” is plenty big elsewhere. Of course it might be that the LA would suck in half my scrotum. I just don’t know.

I recently bought a Picturebrite cylinder and pump combination off EBay (do a search on seller and specify picturebrite). The quality is as good as Kaplan, and it cost less than Kaplan. It is not as heavy as my Vacutech cylinders, but it costs a fraction of the amount of Vacutech, so if you are looking at a cylinder and pump with gauge combination on a budget, it’s worth considering.

I had to reseat the female connection on the cylinder, and the connectors are not quite standard or something. When I plugged the new pump into my Vacutech cylinder, it was loose and wobbly, as if it were slightly undersize. It was just fine with the Picturebrite cylinder that it was shipped with, however, which is what counts most.

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