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Petechia (broken capillaries)

Petechia (broken capillaries)

Dear all,
I can not avoid to have broken capillaries on the top of my shaft even following all your advices. Ok, the petechia disapear after a day and then I can continue to pump the next day but I am affraid about the long term effects of this petechia…..????

Current routine:

Lube used ( a kind of vaselin)
Before and during breaks my pump is heated with oht water.

Hot wrap 5 min.
100 jelks
15 pumping (2->5hg pressure ramping up)
Hot wrap 3-5 min.
30 jelks
15 pumping (3->6hg pressure ramping up)
Hot wrap 5 min.
Velcro wrap…..ball + penis for one hour.

I will buy an IR lamp.
Do you have some additional advices….
Thank you Daniel


Maybe your skin has a higher sensitivity to heat sources. Why don’t you experiment with pumping erect at low pressure with no heat?


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