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i have heard from many people that pumping is not perminate. Has anyone tryed not using the pump for a few weeks to see about this rumor? if so what gains did you get and keep

Hi, Doc;

You will find no formal studies about pumping and its permanent or temporary results and will have to rely on annecdotal replies.

In my case I used pumping exclusively before I even learned what jelking is. During a period of 4 - 5 months, I gained exactly an inch in length. I then went on an almost two week trip - no pumping - and the inch was still there when I returned. Is that “pernanent”? Who knows?

My thinking about permanence is this: If one gained an inch from pumping over whatever period of time of work, would one really care if the only way to keep that inch were to go back to the cylinder once,say, a week?

After I learned other PE exercises, I combined them with pumping. My best additional gains (another 1 1/3 inches) came during a time when I was alternating about 100 jelks with short pump sessions, 5 minutes or so at moderate pressure: jelk, pump; jelk, pump; jelk, pump. But my advice is pay attention to others’ routines only in the beginning, as you learn, then go with what feels like it is working or will work for you.



the thing is its not the begining at all, ive been doing pe for a little under 5 years now with no gain and im thinking of moving from jelqing and streaching to wither hanging or pumping

I started pumping about 1 1/2 months ago. I don’t think I have the best pump, but I found avocets post and followed his suggested routine. Although it is still early, I am very pleased with the results. I originally gained 1/2” (4.5 months) girth via jelqing, ulis, horses, pumps, etc.. When I started pumping along with those exercises, I gained another 1/4”. I am sold on the pump/jelq routine. It can get a little intense so I focus alot more on being aware and very careful. Give it a go..

Hat’s off to Avocet!


I’ve pumped for about two years and can attibute early length and girth gains to pumping. More recently I’ve also been doing extended routines (a la Avocet8) of alternating short pumping and jelqing sessions sometimes lasting for 1 - 2 hours. The results have been great- consistently longer and much thicker and meatier dick, especially in the flaccid size. I’ve finally transitioned from a “grower” to a “shower” and proud to “show” it off.


P.S. - As far as permanence goes, the more immediate extreme pumped look doesn’t last, but residual pumped effects eventually become permanent. I’ll stick my neck out and say that my success in my 2 inch permanent girth gains is greatly attributable to pumping, enhanced by jelqing.

Peforeal has had stellar results all around. I suspect one of the reasons for this is that he has a high level of focus and dedication to his programs.

And he’s absolutely right that when the flaccid “shower” part kicks in, that is a lot of fun for those of us who weren’t showers to begin with.




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