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Permanent Growth??

Permanent Growth??

The main question I have to ask is, how important is it to take days off from pumping? I didn’t take hardly any days off from pumping for about 2 months and I’m wondering if, the elasticity starts to fade away when you don’t give your member some time off.

I’m doing 2 or 3 sets of 8 - 10 minute sessions a day with minimal bending and uli’s.. I’m really wanting to focus more on learning how to achieve cell growth. I think I’ve got the whole pumping process figured out. I can bloat it up real good but permanent growth requires a lot of things I think… I’m experimenting with drinking a lot of water, what do you guys think? Should I should take a multi vitamin? Is there any hormones I can take to aid growth??? Some people do one day session one day off .. that doesn’t seem like enough but maybe it is? Advice please :)

ps: I have gained about 2/10 an inch real growth so I’m convinced this works, but I’m struggling a bit with cell generation I think.

I’ve always looked at pumping as a “helper” exercise rather than a main way to obtain gains. You are essentially using the vacuum to help your normal blood pressure to expand the tunica and that isn’t putting enough pressure on it to make it grow. Some of our members have said they got permanent gains from pumping alone, but I think that would take a long time and a lot of dedication.

I used a pump to augment the newbie routine when I first came to the site and saw 1/4” length gain per month for the three months I did it. I also achieved a 1/4” girth gain in that period. If I’d been using the pump alone, I doubt I would have seen much more than you have.

To answer your questions:

I used the pump daily, but in conjunction with the manual stretches and jelqing. Perhaps some time off every month or so would be good, but frequent stopping wouldn’t help IMO.

Vitamins won’t make your dick grow. Neither will any hormones that you might consider. There have been quite a lot of discussions about hormones and supplements. In the end, most agree that manual exercises are what work, not pills. Water is always a good thing for PE.

Just to address one thing, you talk about losing elasticity like it’s a bad thing. People who use PE go from growers to showers usually before they get gains, meaning they have lost some elasticity before making erect gains. I think you’re talking about elasticity while erect in the tube, and I think this is related. Just something to consider.

Shoot, I should have stated from the beginning that I do girth only exercises. And just to let you all know, over the past couple weeks I’ve figured out a few very important factors to watch for while pumping.

First, go into the tube FULLY erect, when I do this I need less pressure and come out of the tube much more bloated.
Second, don’t maneuver the tube around much to start, let the pump establish itself for the first few minutes, then it’s alright to do a “little” tube jelqing or movements.

I do plan to add a bit more manual exercises but pumping has done really well for me so far, I think if you can get it right, you can gain a lot with pumping.

ps: I’m almost positive a full day off at least once a week is important now too after experimenting with breaks. The elasticity issue is different with girth exercises from length I believe.

I agree with Westla on the pump and for sure on the water.

I’ve also clamped at the base then used the tube and that “feels” better for gains, i.e., less inflation from fluid and more from just pure blood “packing”.

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