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Permanence of pumping (again)

You should give it a try Wad. Perhaps pump after a hang session as I plan to do.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

How can pumping be permanent if it doesnt enlarge or lengthen the CC on its own.Pumping will only stretch the skin with fluid, in an hour it goes back to normal.I hear pumping is fun and feels good (?)and i guess it would be good to see your dick huge but how will feel about your penis when its not in that enlarged state that you love so much.Let me tell you, you will hate it even more.Thats when size really becomes an issue.Could this be a cause for paranoia, i dont know, maybe.

Pumping with other forms of PE you say.I dont have much knowledge of pumping but people say it helps, who am i to argue.I just cant understand the theory of how?

I am a person who desires to know why for most thing in my life. Why are we here? Why do loved and friends die? Why was I so fortunate in the life I was given? etc.

The thing I have learned about life is that sometimes it’s best just to accept some things without trying to understand every facet. For me, PE is now one of those “just accept” things. I accept that it works and don’t care much for why anymore and just get on with spending my energy on doing rather than wondering.

Just a though.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

Geez,I’m a moron, I thought this was a long term commitment. Who gives a shit if you have to keep a “maintenance routine” to keep what you have. Just thought I would chime in. Hell,if I had to do a little maintenance to keep my gains like Avocet,I would be estatic.

Cj 0057

ditto, Cj 0057, from one who does.



Great forum you have here guys! My first post and I felt I might add something to this
issue of pumping.

I started pumping at the suggestion of my wife (would you believe) when I started to have some trouble in the waterworks department - frequency increased and dribbling rather than a healthy flow. She suggested it might help by expanding the urinary tract. And I have got to say that IT HAS WORKED! My flow is now almost back to normal though frequency is still a problem.

The upshot of her suggestion was that I looked around at the various pumps available and decided to lash out on an electric one from CTC. It’s totally hands-free so that I am pumping now as I write this. The other thing I like is that it uses a pulsing action of 50 cycles per minute so that there is a regular exchange of blood and this, I believe, enables you to pump for much longer periods without pain or doing damage to the skin as occurs with the standard types of vacuum pumps.

I started out with 1 hour sessions twice a day, sometimes I go for up to 2 hours a session.
I have been pumping now for just on 4 months. My measurements prior to commencement were 5” length and 4-1/2” girth. (erect that is). Today my measurements are 6” length and 5-1/2” girth. I started out with a 2” tube but after about 6 weeks moved up to the 2-1/4’. Now I alternate between the 2-1/4” and the 2-1/2’ cylinders as my girth has increased. My only so-called exercise? is to rub in a couple of generous applications of Vitamin E cream at the end of each session.

Tell you about the other marvellous benefits next visit.


Can you tell us a bit more about your routine and your pump? Who is CTC? Do they have a website? Thanks.

Hi Tallythwacker, The link for that company is
Sorry you will have to copy/paste that into your address bar.
“the only pump on the market to control the vacuum allowing it to release the vacuum for a split second 50 times a minute in sync with the heart’s 200 beats a minute. This allows fresh blood and oxygen to travel to the penis, a must for maximum growth!” (copied from their blurb)

They are NOT cheap I think it ws about $350 plus freight. The cylinders go from 2” to 3” in 1/4” stages. But then I always figure you get what you pay for.

Usually my sessions are morning and late evening just before retiring I must admit that sometimes I lose track of time and my pumping session may go on for an hour and a half or more. While I started out with the 2” tube I outgrew it in about 6 weeks, now I start off with the the 2-1/4” for 1/2 hour and then switch to the 2-1/2” for another 1/2 to 3/4 hour.

It is actually quite pleasant except for some hardness at first at the base. I believe the rubber gasket supplied is not quite full enough for maximum comfort. Thanks to one of the other guys at this forum I have now overcome that with his suggestion of using “sealastic” to build up a wider and softer gasket - really works great!

Now to the benefits - apart from having helped greatly on the medical side. My penis is now so much bigger and SO sensitive that when I wake at night with an erection and my wife’s hand reaches down to fondle it - as she likes to do whenever she can get her hands on it - the sensation is OH WOW***!!! absolute ecstasy.!! stars popping! bells ringing!

So you can see I am going to keep going with this on a regular basis - not with any express desire to get bigger (that has just been an added and very pleasant bonus) but to keep experiencing the fantastic feelings!!

Way to go.

Thanks, Joebloe. Glad to see pumping is working for you. I’m a couple of months away (I’m focusing on hanging and ulis at the moment) from plunging into the world of pumping, but is something I’m going to do.

Wasn’t sure if your girth number was at the base or mid-shaft, but I’m at 5.5” at the base and 5.125” mid-shaft and was figuring on starting with a 2” tube. Following Avocet’s advice, I will go for a longer tube (I’m 6.75” BP length).

Anyone else use the pumps made by CTC and can offer their views on them?

Im not an advocate of DR Joel K. hes to expensive

but studies cost money

Let us look at the physics of pumping to first see what is going on. When you remove air from the tube,your penis responds by expanding to fill the empty space that is there. Now here is what makes all the difference in the world. If you use very high pressure, your body is forced to compensate quickly and lmph fluid is released under the skin to fill the empty space in the cylinder. However, if you use lower pressure, your Tunica gradually does the expansion and therefore you acheive “real gains” in size. Just like with wood, if you bend it with gradual pressure, over time you can shape it in the form of a U(shipmakers used to do this) but to much pressure too quickly and BAM its broken. I think the 20-year-vets may be high pressure pumpers which is all pumpers used to know. I talked on the phone for an hour to the guy at NW pumpworks from whom I bought my pump, and he said that with 1-2 hours of low pressure 5hg< pumping a day 3-4 times a week, he increased his size from 6 x 5 to 9.5 x 8 in 11 years. I know thats a long time but he said he prefers the girth and at some point the gains really slow down. Anyways, if done correctly, NOTHING points to pumping as non-permanent.

Originally posted by vegetagd
I talked on the phone for an hour to the guy at NW pumpworks from whom I bought my pump, and he said that with 1-2 hours of low pressure 5hg< pumping a day 3-4 times a week,

Did you mean to write < 5 in Hg?

Hi guys,

I am a fresh newbie to PE, but i might have a story to keep your hopes up. A few weeks ago i was on yahoo trolling for a blow job from an unsuspecting college girl. This man pops up on screen asking if i ever did PE? I told him no and he mentioned i had an ok sized dick on my profile. He went on to tell me that he is a male stripper and the feedback he gets from women. So being curious i checked his pick and wow! It looked to be 10-12 inches without bone point and thick. He told me it was 13 inches and after questioning him he said he had pumped for 5 yrs. Now i don’t know where he started or if he still has to maintain that size, but it was enough motivation for me to go to valu- tech and order myself one and find this site. He didn’t act like one pump was better than another , that two 30 minute
sessions a day was all that he used at no higher than 4 on the gauge.

Hi guys, i never tried pumping,but in some month i will give it a try.
There is one thing for sure:I dont think you can gain when you act like a harcore pumper, so that means you pump 2 hours or more with high pressure.

But i think when you pump like peforeal or avocet8, this means
1.pump 5 minutes on low pressure
then jelq for 5 minutes

and after this same procedure again, for example a half hour(later 1 hour) its absolut possible to gain permanent.

I think this combinition is very good.
Why is jelqing known for permanent gains and pumping - like peforeal and avocet8 did! - not?
In my opinion, the “peforeal/avocet8 pumping” is the same like the good old jelqing method, the only difference is the bigger bloodflow in “peforeal/avocet8 pumping” guide.
And a higher bloodflow - i was told - is better for getting gains.
So this means for me, its like a turbo, especially for those who gained not by manuel “single” jelqing.

Perhaps im wrong with it, but i think the method is very good.
Please correct me if im wrong.

Excuse my english.

I think the alternate method works (manual exercise/pump, manual exercise pump, etc.) for the reason that one is not just spending all that extended, passive time in the cylinder.

The manual exercises provide the stretch to ligs, tunica, cavernosa; the shorter pump sessions then give maximum expansion to the entire penis and a very thorough blood workout.




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