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Has anyone tried a penomet which is similar to a bathmate? ?? If so what’s the verdict? ?

I use my penomet quite a bit and really like it. I also had a bathmate but it was uncomfortable and to small.

I know bathmate makes a bigger size but my vote is still for the penomet.

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Originally Posted by 8.5OB
I use my penomet quite a bit and really like it. I also had a bathmate but it was uncomfortable and to small.
I know bathmate makes a bigger size but my vote is still for the penomet.

You have achieved a good gain my brother. You are big now with that huge dick.


Newbie here.
I tried a Bathmate and hated it as first one wouldn’t give suction. I then discovered there was a batch that were faulty and mine was one of the faulty ones. They sent a replacement and the valve on that broke in a week! I got my money back and got a penomet.

The penomet is much better valve wise but can be uncomfortable when pressing hard around the skin to get really good pressure.

Personally I am still not convinced they will do much. Sure I get a pumped penis for a little while but then soon goes back to normal and normal for me is small! Early days.

However researching penomet exercises lead me to this site. I never realised so much was out there regarding making the penis bigger. I feel like I have lived in a cave! My only wish is there is a penis gym where you could be doing exercises under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing. I hate reading instructions and just want to be shown. The videos were ok but can’t beat being shown.

Any uk experts here?

Hi 69cupidstunt,

Welcome to Thunders, my first advice for you would be to put the pump away and start on the Newbie Routine for a few months, you will find that it is the best way to gain in your early PE career. :)

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

I have only used the Bathmate Goliath and so far I find it very comfortable to use from what I hear there is no great difference between the original 2 Bathmate models and the Penomet with the exception of switchable gaiter. It’s really up to you since they’ve both been found functional. However if you want a different valve I believe the Bathmate X30 and X40 have some kind of switches, and their newest X30 Xtreme actually has a hand ball pump (which I would love to have, it sometimes gets on my back a bit trying to squeeze the pump against my body although that model is too small for me)

TL;DR Choose the one you want they are both very similar in function, the size is different (the Penomet is somewhere between the size of X40 and Goliath so if you have a very average size or a bit smaller I’d probably go with the X30 or Hercules with the old valve)

Thanks Behemoth, I have read up on the newbie section following your comments. I haven’t been doing much jelqing and didn’t know what jelqing was until a couple of months ago. Will do more of that. Also bought some flannels to warm the old boy up as hadn’t been bothering with that either but you all recommend it. Not sure I want to give up the pumping as that is what got me here in the first place but will certainly try for a better balance.

Cheers for the welcome.

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