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Penomet Vs. Bathmate

Penomet Vs. Bathmate

Hey gang!

I already got the Bathmate Hercule! But after my second set of 5minutes my cock touch the wall so I’m looking for an upgrade! I have check for both Penomet and Bathmate X40 or Goliath….big difference is the price…could dave 75$ with the Penomet but why?? Did the Penomet is cheap stuff and will broke after short time of use?

Did someone try both or have compare them?
Thank’s for your help! :)

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I hear that they are quite similar except for the size differences. I have used Bathmate myself and thus would recommend it but I haven’t heard anything bad about Penomet. The choice is yours.

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I’ve read a few stories on MoS about penomets with broken valves, but in all cases I think a replacement has been sent relatively quickly.

I own one myself and have never had any problems with it. It is pretty expensive, though. If I was in a position of needing to buy a pump, I’d go for a regular tube and gauge with some handheld vacuum device. Ultimately, that’s how I’ve ended up using my gaiter pump, only in a more complicated way (vacu vin hand pump modded on the penomet).

I think they’re both solid products. Keep in mind, though, that you need the red gaiter in order for the strength of the penomet to be comparable to that of the bathmate. I don’t know if that changes your estimated price. If you’re only doing low pressure pumping, the black (standard) gaiter on the penomet should be enough.

Or you could get the vacu vin pump for ~20$ to help control the pressure, but then you might as well go with a much cheaper regular cylinder (like thickwall).

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