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Penis shaped Tube??

Penis shaped Tube??

Hi there every one!

A year or so ago I was just randomly browsing some pumping sites and I remember coming across some pictures of pump tubes that were actually shaped like penises.

I mean the main shaft bit got thicker from under the glans to around the base and the top was actually shaped like a really well mushroomed head.
They looked exactly like penises except they were kind of big and see through and hollow and had a little knob bit for attaching the tube to it.

I’m not sure why but I keep thinking “German” when I think of them…
Maybe they were made by a German company or something or the site was German or whatever (or maybe it has nothing to do with it…)

Any one knows who make pump tubes like this?
Any ideas at all?


Perhaps it was because the heads looked like little German helmets (:

No. I haven’t heard of anatomically correct tubes, but it sounds like a great idea. Maybe someone who knows will chime in.

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Go to

Better try a goggle search for Froehle tubes instead.

Originally Posted by gprent
Here’s one but it doesn’t look high quality:

Well, it does look like a penis, doesn’t it?

Seems to me that because of the huge anatomical variance in penis shapes it would be nigh onto impossible to find a penis shaped tube that fits all your personal dimensions (head size; shaft girth, mid and base, etc) and gives enough outside room all over for even vacuum expansion.



There are some less expensive ones too. There’s one called the “Commando”. And another called “Knight of a Thousand Pleasures”.

This place has several:

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LA Pump makes one as well.It is my understanding that these are for pumping to produce the mushroom head effect.

Originally Posted by chainz 8
LA Pump makes one as well.It is my understanding that these are for pumping to produce the mushroom head effect.

Well, they do make a cylinder for head size, but it is not anatomically correct in any way:…tegory_Code=all

It would work for square dicks, wouldn’t it?



A square dick would be sort of handy.It would be a hell of a lot easier to measure!

Hey, that head enlarger looks just like my dick, kind of a mushroom/water tower kind of thing.

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Thanks a lot for the links and help guys, thats exactly what i was looking for!

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