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Penis Pump help


Hey, so I ordered my stuff. The cylinder is in town according to the tracking, and the little assembly pieces already arrived. So basically I’m waiting on the Harbor Freight pump. Anyone have a rough idea of how long it takes? It says it shipped out on the 27th but when I go to fedex to try and track it, they have no record of anything with that tracking number. Is it worth my time to go ahead and try and call them?

Try UPS, I have run into a problem with other companys where they say they sent something out FedEx and it really was UPS, or vice versa.

Yea I just called them and they sent it out with UPS even though their “tracker” says Fedex. They said it will take 3-4 days after being shipped to come up on the tracker so I guess I’ll just wait around for that. At least it was shipped :)


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