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Penis pump at high pressure gains and losses

Penis pump at high pressure gains and losses

Hello, I’m writing this to inform all of you the experience I had with penis pumping at high pressure.

First of all, let me briefly give you some of my background. I’m 28 years of age, Asian, I’ve PE’d mostly by jelqing on and off in the past and probably gained 0.5 inches (NBPEL 5.0’ -> 5.5’). I quit for 2 years and now I’ve picked up PE again.

So I bought a Lelov maxi penis pump with a gauge about a couple of months ago, I followed everybody’s advice on here and pumped no greater than 5hg. At that pressure, my maximum BPEL was 16 cm. I used the newbie routine and slowly added more sessions and combined jelqing and some stretching in between and post exercises. I also used a rice sock to heat up my penis properly before workouts, and I always had my heat lamp turned on to provide more warmth. After about 3 weeks, I did not see any gains. I told myself ” Yup, I’m a darn hard gainer”. So instead of following my basic routine, I went overboard by increasing the pressure.

I liked to see my penis big, so I would always pump until I can no longer handle the pressure. I initially pumped to around 8-8.5hg and held at 7hg for 15-20 minutes. My penis at that pressure was 16.5 cm. I was delighted to see the temporary elongated length. So that’s my motivation there, I pumped for 2-3 sessions a day, with 1 day off. But after each session, I could not achieve erection even by watching the most intense porn, nothing natural could turn my buddy on. I did not resort to Viagra. Regardless, I followed my risky routine for 2 months and reached 12.5hg and achieved 18cm in maximum BPEL inside the cylinder. Pretty good gains right? But the tragic story is, after each session, it would take longer for my penis to recover, and as this damage snowballs. I lost the ability to erect for over a week just after my last session. I thought I may have completely broke my penis. But luckily I recovered in about 2 weeks of rests. And now, my BPEL sits at 17.5 cm without using the pump.

The conclusion for me is, high pressure pumping landed me some gains, but it’s gonna temporarily/permanently drop your erection quality.

Do it at your own risk.

Yes that’s very typical of high pressure and over training. In my opinion the risk isn’t worth the reward. Being able to get erect for sex is a priority when you’re married.

Glad you’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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I’ve maxed out at a little over 20Hg and fortunately, there were no ill affects regarding erection quality. Using high-pressure is something that should be done exercising extreme caution and should not be done by novice pampers. You have to make sure that you are extremely well conditioned and have been pumping for a long period of time.

I have likewise experienced my greatest gains during a period of higher pressure pumping and I plan on following a similar routine within the next couple of months to help push through this plateau that I’m on.

I am under the belief that in order for real games to be achieved, something has to change within the routine in order to move forward. Whether it’s increasing pressure or increasing the session time, and increase has to take place somewhere in the equation. You just have to be extremely careful on which variable you decide to modify.

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At 8 hg I feel like I’m about to tear something so I back off to between 5 and 7 depending upon how it feels.

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