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Penis pump and weights question

Penis pump and weights question

Hello all. Brand new to this. I’ve tried to find some conversations on pumps and weights but they are elusive. I saw one recommendation but the pump costs way too much for me at this point ($70). Does anybody know where I could find/order a more affordable one? Also, until this website, I’ve heard nothing but bad news about pumps; namely that they cause damage. But everyone here seems to say than can create gains and I’ve heard nothing of damage.

Lastly, what the hell are weights/ cuffs/ etc? Home depot? Sounds crazy. I have no idea where to look for hanging weights/what they look like etc.

Any advice is great!

Welcome aboard Changers. Have you done any PE work in the past? Pumps and weights are not the best way to start PE. We alway advice doing the newbie routine for at least three months straight - it’s all manual-based so it will cost nothing.

Hey there changers, a pump any cheaper than 70 dollars is probably going to be garbage and not work too well. If your wanting to grow I think you should stay clear of a pump for now and maybe throw it into your routine later if you feel the need. I know when a man thinks of penis enlargement a pump is the 1st thing to come to mind but manual stretches work wonders, check out the noobie routine as marinera suggests.

I have seen a couple before and after shots of guys from this forum that has gained 2 inches just from doing manual stretches.
Apart from pumps and manual stretching, you can purchase a hanger (bib hanger google search it) that is a device that attaches to your penis and you then hang weights from it comfortably.

Just search around the articles on this site and visit the tutorial section and you can go ahead and start your beginner routine while you take in new info from this site.

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The Jim Diamond cylinders (seller is egaybay) sell for about $27 on ebay. I have bought three of them 1.75” which was a bit small for me, 2” tapered and a 2” straight walled. The US General pump is $20 at, search for brake bleeding vacuum pump kit. This is the exact same pump that Kaplan and others charge $50- $70 for. Shipping and all is around $50. As for weights, Monty on here sells good weights. Also, if you don’tr care about having a guage, which I strongly suggest you have one, sells many cheaper pumps.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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I used to have a pump. Cost me like 60 bucks. I wasted my money on that, I never did get a good vaccum from it.

After doing my research on Thunder’s Place , I bought the Jim Diamond 1.75” pump from e-bay for $25 with free shipping.The US General pump at a local Harbor Freight store for $19.99. A male Quick-disconnect Coupling, Plug, 1/8” Size, For 3/16” Tube Id, W/o Valve from McMaster for $5.85 with shipping. Three feet of 1/4” vinyl tubing from a local ACE hardware for .89 cents.So far I’m pleased with the quality of the cylinder and pump.Total cost is a little over $50.

Excellent research and should yield some excellent results! Good job and good luck!

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

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Hi Changers. I see that you’re in Nova Scotia. Me too. If you order a pump online keep in mind that Canada Customs will take a bite out of you as well as the cost of the pump and shipping. I recently ordered a $70 pump online from Healthy and Active, and it cost me an additional $40 at my front door for sales taxes and customs fees. By the time shipping, currency conversion and customs are all added up, I spent $145CAD. I chose that pump because it was listed as a $180 pump on sale for $70 so it seemed like a wicked deal. The pump turned out to be crap, I now doubt that it ever sold $180, they just say that so it looks like a deal. The pump part itself leaked air back into the tube and I had to pump continuously to keep the vacuum at 5Hg, and sometimes couldn’t even get that much vacuum. The cheap plastic pump couldn’t handle that much activity, after two weeks of Avocet’s recommended routine (10 min/day week one, 15 min/day week two) the handle of the pump just snapped off. So I really don’t recommend a $70 dollar pump.

Where in Nova Scotia are you? There is a sale on brake bleeding kits at Princess Auto in Dartmouth. A kit that is normally $40 is now $27. I bought one and have been using the pump from the kit with the tube from the piece of junk I bought online. Finally I have a system that actually works. The kit comes with some tubing, so all you’ll need is a tube.

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