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Penis not straight when pumping

Penis not straight when pumping

I don’t know if you guys with vacuum pumps have run into this issue, but when I’m using my Bathmate I notice that my penis curves to the right. It’s still straight when I finish, but what does this mean for me? Is my dick gonna curve to the right when I may more gains?

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It means you’re not getting a good natural erection to begin with although the pressure my pull it straight by the end of a session.

My guess is you need a few days off, I went through a similar thing a while ago and kept pumping. after a few weeks my semi had a permanent curve to it.
It’s only corrected itself since I had break and went back to a smaller tube that doesn’t allow room for it to curve.

It means your tunica albuginea is shorter/stronger on one side.

Not necessarily, mine was dead straight my whole life and for the first 2 years of pumping, it was only after I pumped with a curved semi that it started to remain that way.

I think I actually gained a bit on the outside of the curved side. Like I said 2 weeks in the narrow tube and it’s back to normal.

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