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Penis In Cylinder

Penis In Cylinder

I just had my first pumping session today and let me just say woah. That was cool. My dick looked like a monster with all the veins popping out. But I noticed that at the base of the tube that it looked like more than my dick was getting pumped. The bottom of the tube was packed but it didn’t look like my dick it just looked like a blob of skin. What is that about? Is it supposed to look like that? If not, what can I do about it?

It just occurred to me that this thread is in the wrong forum. Could a moderator please move this to the pumpers forum?

Yes, it is pretty much normal, but do try to pull out any excessive scrotum skin as you begin to pump up at low pressure. Usually the packing process, or process where you fill the cylinder completely begins from the base up, so expect the expansion to continue moving towards the head as your pumping progresses.

Yep always happens to me, well I’m off to pump the hell outta that blob:)

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Great. Thanks for the answers. I thought maybe my dick just wasn’t meant for pumping for a second.

The larger of my two cylinders does that…I have a nice bit of turkey neck going on.

I agree with gprent…Not a problem though, pump on!

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