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Peeing linke a rainbird after pumping

Peeing linke a rainbird after pumping

I’m sure you have found that after pumping you tend to pee like a sprinkler rather than in a straight stream. I have found an easy solution. The hardware store sells a very flexible blue plastic hose that folds flat. It is an inch and a half in diameter. Appropriately, it is called a discharge hose. I use a 6” length and simply insert the head (or if large—tip of the head) into the hose when I pee after pumping. It can then be rinsed and folds in half and neatly goes into the pocket. The cost is less than a dollar.

Just roll the tip of your penis in your finger tips to open up and reshape the pee hole before taking that first piss, and I think that will solve most of your spray difficulties.

Cost: Priceless

Guys: Let me astonish you— Sit down!!! Steve

That works of course, but it doesn’t straighten out the flow.

Does this become a permanent problem?


Originally Posted by BiffyStiffy
Does this become a permanent problem?

Absolutely not. If you pump up just a little less, it doesn’t happen at all, and it definitely is not permanent.

I have the same problem but I find it is only when I first pee. If I sit down it does help alot since the urine stays in the bowl and not spraying everywhere.

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