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Pad for base and sleeve suggestions?

Pad for base and sleeve suggestions?

Hi all,

I am looking for two items to make pumping work better for me.

First, where can I get a rubber/silicone pad or gasket that goes around the base of the tube? I am looking to make pumping more comfortable at the base and also getting a better seal at the base.

Second, I would like a small sleeve to place just under the glans to prevent extreme donut. I don’t want something that squeezes down on my penis because then I lose my erection. I want something with the same diameter (slightly larger) then my girth just to take up some space in the tube. I’m going for length and erection quality, I’m not concerned with girth right now.

Thank you for your advice!

Well…depends on your pump cylinder. Personally, because I like a good cylinder with a good pad I use this style…ylinder-67.html

If you want a sleeve for that purpose…I use this……ing-sleeve.html

However, AB Silicone is well-known for shipping things days, weeks, months and up to a year later! Often, you will have to pitch a fit with them to get them to ship your product or produce a refund.

I recommend going to autoextender and getting the softest not thick sleeve he offers. as it is comparable to the AB Silicone product. Though you’ll have to surf the site a little and find it.

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